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Folks: I got a lucky break not long ago, and picked up a Vivitar 283 flash for $3 at a flea market. I then found a PC cord for it, and it seems to work well on my original F-1 when triggered off the PC cord. I also checked the output voltage between the tip and shield of the PC cord when it's charged up, and it'a around a volt. I understand this to be low enough not to damage my AE1-P, which I'd also like to use it with. My question is this: there's a single metal contact on the shoe, which is otherwise all plastic. How does this flash work with a hot shoe like the ones on the A-series? All my circuits classes taught me that it takes two connections to make a circuit!


-- Michael Bechtold (, November 27, 2000


If you look closely at the foot you will also see a contact above the ankle, as it were. This touches the side of the hot shoe and completes the circuit.


-- Duane K (, November 27, 2000.

Hi Michael, Duane is right about the second sync contact. It's in the slot between the shoe "sole" and the flash body. I thought I'd add that we've been using an old 283 (circa 1976) with our AE-1P since 1984 without problem.

-- Alan Swartz (, December 01, 2000.

Thanks, folks! I took a closer look and found what seems to be a spring contact in a slot just above the foot. I assume this to be my missing contact.

As a result of this closer inspection, I also found that the foot had cracked and been glued back together, something I understand is a common occurrence with 283's. Has anyone tried one of the aluminum aftermarket replacement feet?

Thanks again!

-- Michael Bechtold (, December 01, 2000.

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