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Hi Everyone, I am a member of Birthcare Network here in louisville , Ky. I work part-time as a Nursery Nurse and Lamaze Childbirth Educator. I have recently achieved my dream of becoming IBCLC and currently am "allowed" to sign up for 8 hours /week to work as "just" a Lactation Consultant.I have 20 yrs experience with mothers/babies/breastfeeding/education. Does anyone have an idea as to how I could start a postpartum Doula service incorporating all my "specialties" and make a living at it? I have 4 wonderful boys ages 16,13,10,& 7 and would like to work while they are in school. Thanks so much, CyndiKlausing,RN,LCCE,IBCLC

-- cyndi klausing (, November 27, 2000


hello cyndi, congratulations on your accomplishments! i think what you want to do is great...i am a doula and i have two small children, i know that i would love to have another doula who is more expertise (sp?) in postpartum issuesm to guide my clients too, or say work as a seeing as i am in maine, i am suggesting to you to network with other doulas for references/partnerships and with hospitals/midwives/and obstitricians...your services are so important so solicit them...this is just a thought i had for as i sit here with my youngest at my breast...good luck, hope i gave you some ideas... blessings

-- janet bartolotta (, December 01, 2000.

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