Quality of Arista FB VC

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I have read many good things regarding Arista film and am using it myself, but I have not seen any threads about their paper. Is anybody using it, and how does it compare to Ilford MG IV FB. I noticed in Freestyles catalog that the Arista graded paper comes in exactly the same sizes and grades as Galerie, so this leads me to suspect that the Arista FB VC paper is also the same as Ilford MG IV FB. Thanks in advance.

-- Arthur Nichols (artnichols@syda.org), November 27, 2000


I have experimented with a number of papers over the last year. I keep coming back to Forte multigrade fiber. I have tried the Arista multigrade fiber, but didn't like its look. However, the kind of paper you use is a personal thing. All the brands look a bit different. I wish that I did like the Arista because its cheap. I even tried the RC for test prints, but didn't like that either. I prefer Ilford multigrade RC. Try the Arista, you might like it a lot.

-- Paul Mongillo (pmongillo@thurston.com), November 27, 2000.

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