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Greetings I am 43 in Gunnison, CO and want to assemble a jack of all trades team. Structural design and integrity would be my most valuable skill to contribute. I've noticed the added experts don't always have the kind of practical application experience the contest needs. I also have good gas-diesel mechanical skills & experience. I owned my own moving company & had my own shop.

Needed: An excellent welder with some extra skills & experience. Needed: Gearbox & trannys person with extra skills & experience.

A teamwork attitude and wanting to have fun competing is a must.

I figure if you live in sw CO, and even though you have a main skill, you have to have other skills just to survive here. Drop me a line at in Gunnison.

-- Joe West (, November 27, 2000


Joe I am an ASE cert macanic,a wood worker,a pro welder,and an all around jack of all! trades!P.S. I live in ohio and I'm Easy to get along with! P.S.I want to win!!!!!!

-- Aaron Brown (, January 11, 2001.

hiya joe! in the denver area..a mechanic professionaly...a welder also(hobby level) this would be a blast to participate in!...i`d luv to win a competetion..maybe even the season finale...but i think that just being there would be a great thing also......wriet me..and we can talk!

-- tim (, January 12, 2001.

I am a briggs and stratton master tech.I weld(used to do professionally),auto mech(past 20 yrs),I work on magnetoes,and love to be challenged on fixing a problem using junk,I have military exp. I am 38, doing small engine repair and am a "jack of all trades master of one" I have a strong competive spirit. I live in Sterling Co. Please let me know of your decision as I do have another team mate prospect that might be interested. Thanks Devin

-- Devin Vernon (, October 31, 2003.

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