Konica "Color Dynamic" Coating

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I have a Konica Autoreflex T2 Brochure which refers to "Color Dynamic" lens coating. It seems to be multi-coating by the description, but that phrase is not used in the brochure.

#1 is this Multi-coating ?

#2 can it be recognized easily, either by lens markings or by lens coating color?

#3 is it really better than Konica's previous lens coatings ?


Stephen Gandy

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2000


the answer is right on this site :-)

Gene Windell posted a "Determining Age of Hexanon Lenses" on this board some 992 days ago, check this out, it was very educational...


-- Anonymous, November 27, 2000

No, it's not.

while his post is excellent, it does not state how to quickly identify the multi-coated vs non multi-coated lenses. I know from the T2 brochure that "Color Dynamic" coating was used with the later all metal lens barrels and the "EE" apeture lock. The first rubber focus lens barrels started to appear at this time.

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2000

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