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My TC-X has developed a condition wherein the shutter sometimes decocks when I let the winding lever "snap back" after winding. If I ease it back, all's fine.

Has anyone experienced this, and know of a simple fix, or is it time for the shop?



-- Anonymous, November 26, 2000


Yep! My TC-X does the same thing BUT only with particular lenses! With one third party zoom lens I have to be VERY careful to slowly return the lever. However with my Hexanon's it never does this...

Also with a 2X extender it will do it occassionally....

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2000

The Plot Thickens!


Just checked mine. As described was with its normally assigned 40/1.8. When I changed to the 45-100 Hexanon, it decocks EVERY time, no matter how gently I ease the lever back.


-- Anonymous, November 26, 2000

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