Yankee Adjustable Film Tank Directions

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I need the directions for my Yankee tank.

Emulsion facing in or out??

Agitate every???



-- randy webster (webster_j@popmail.firn.edu), November 26, 2000


Randy, I must have, somewhere, the instructions, but from what I recall... emulsion must be fafing the cancave part [maybe this symbol can explain it better] >) , agitation must be frequent and not to energetic too in order to avoid developing outside more than inside, it really is the reason why I stopped using this tank in favour of the Combiplan. I understand the attraction of lots of processing efficiency but it is a nightmare, or at least it was for me.

-- Andrea Milano (milandro@multiweb.nl), November 26, 2000.

Randy I have never used this tank but I have never heard a good thing said about it.If you snoop around on this site you may find some threads discussing the infamous yankee tank.If you have not used it yet you may consider taking it back and exchanging it for something else.-J

-- josh (devil_music@usa.net), November 26, 2000.


The Agitank is the perfect tool for scratching and ruining film. I used one quite a bit when I started out in LF and can offer some advice.

Do not use the sliding film loading thingee that you drop the film through into the rack. It scratches film.

I put a screw through my tank's "adjustable" rack to fix it at the 4x5 position. Before I did that it would occasionally collapse and spring all of the film against the side of the tank, ruining it. Not fun.

I think the directions for the tank claim the film should face one way or another, but I never paid attention to it and uneven agitation was the least of my problems when I used the infamous Yankee tank. I handroll a JOBO tank now and have significantly better luck and lower chemical costs -- 1.5 oz. per sheet vs. 4.5 oz. per sheet.

-- John O'Connell (boywonderiloveyou@hotmail.com), November 26, 2000.

Emulsion In Agitate for 10 sec per minute Increase time by 11% over small tank.

I have had problems with uneven development, I suggest that you go with lower temps and a longer time if you can.

That said, I have used it successfully many times over the years.

-- Bill Brady (wmbrady@olg.com), November 26, 2000.

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