where are they?

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I have been wanting to know where do the junkyard wars.... creations, end up after the show? do they go anywhere I could see them?

-- Jonas Quimby (Jonas184@hotmail.com), November 25, 2000


Unfortunately, most of them go back into a junkyard. Sometimes (with smaller machines) its back into the show's scrapyard (we found bits of other teams machines, and know it happened to our submarine) Big machines, located far from the build site, will get sold to a local scrap dealer. (that happened to the fireboats in the season final which will be shown on Dec 27)

A few of them get saved -- Nosher has their walking machine for example. And the Steam Cars (Dec 20) were saved, and have been put on display once. (one of the experts buys and sells antique steam engines, and takes them to steam shows in England)

The machines tend to be big, not road legal, and quite often broken, and leaking various fluids. You need to find a big truck, and often a crane to move them anywhere.

One thing does happen, most of us will take a peice of their machine home with them, and get it framed, or mounted as a trophy.

-dp- http://www.the-nerds.org/

-- Jeff - The NERDS (dp@the-nerds.org), November 25, 2000.

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