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I've got two issues.

1) I really hope it was worth it to put forth a QT downgrade request. The consensus (of myself, Gameboy, and Ben Jos) was to maintain QT's editorship but change the orginization of "coordinating rules" to be a commitee of members instead of just one editor. I do believe the acusations made of dictoratative control were justified, but i'm not pleased that QT wasn't notified sooner of our discussions. I guess we all have other lives away from marp, so hopefully this is understood comminication is difficult to maintain.

2) lagavulin has expressed a desire to be a commiter, i replied to him that everything goes through zwaxy. Any objections?

3) I do hope ben jos has mameTE still under his wing, it would be a disaster if this QT business tarnishes his taste of marp in that he wouldn't continue working on that. (I guess it's a disaster because i'd have to work on it if he didn't :) Ben Jos are you still out there?

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2000

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