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How much time will I take off work if I want to enter scrapheap challenge?

-- Chris Price (chris@price100.screaming.net), November 25, 2000


The normal way we work it is to film the build one day, and then the test two days later. All-in-all that means that you need to take 3 or 4 days off for each challenge. After that it depends on how many rounds you get through. We haven't finalised the competition structure for next year, but probably there is a chance that you could be in up to 4 or 5 shows.

Also we are looking at the possibility of filming the next series in the US - in which case you will need to add in flight times and readjustment times. When the NERDS came over for last series normally they came over for 6 or 7 days at a time, which is probably a good guide if it is in the US.

-- Andy Bell (andy.bell@rdfmedia.com), November 27, 2000.

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