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I am looking to start a new team in chicago. I am 20 years old and am an Electical Eng. and do DSL proto work. I have skills with electronics, machining, pnumatics (I have three patents pending) and do robotic work for a hobby. If you know engines or how to use a MIG, e-mail me.

-- Jason Shaver (, November 25, 2000


Hello I am galan rackliffe I have a wide range of abilities that would be a great benifit to the team I am an expierenced welder with mig tig and stick welding with most metals stell stainless and some alum i also have electrical exp have worked on everything from weedwackers to papermachines millitary mechanic on heavy equip. if its broke I can fix it

-- Galan Rackliffe (, November 25, 2000.

Jason, I'm 43, in Gunnison, CO and want to assemble a team. Some Welding, turning wrenches, machine design ,structure, & construction are my best skills. Looking for 2 more members in good health & condition (I am)that want to compete. I have relatives in Chicago and it'd be great to work with and be part of a team there. I was just in Chi-town a week ago helping out relatives with their projects. Galan Rackliffe sounds like a great welder. I'm pretty good with engines and great with structural design. With your skills, Galan's, and my own, we could make a pretty good all around team. Galan probably has some skills with hydraulics depending on his welding experience. I have also owned my shop and trucking company and worked with and supervised various crews. I would bring a good all around practical real experience with all kinds of problem solving. A really good welder is a must and Galan sounds good. I also could bring some nice specialty tools that don't take up much space, but would be invaluable for engines and other situations. I can work a 10 hr day without stopping except for a cup of coffee. I worked 20 hour days in my moving business, in construction, and in my own shop.

Email me if you're interested:

-- Joe West (, November 27, 2000.


I live in St. Paul Minnesota, which is about a six hour drive from you. If you are serious about being on the show I would drive to meet you. I have been working on cars for almost ten years now. I am the manager of an auto parts store and spend quite a bit of time in the boneyard. I have extensive knowledge in chassis and brakes. i am young(25) am married and have children, so I know what is important in life and that is hard-work, dedication, and most of all....WINNING!!!!!!! e-mail only if you are serious (

-- brian stemm (, January 04, 2001.

Jason I am an ASE cert macanic,a wood worker,a pro welder,and an all around jack of all! trades!P.S. I live in ohio and I'm Easy to get along with!

-- Aaron M. Brown (, January 11, 2001.

hello jason i m an machanical engg. with specialization in product design in india i have 6 month experiance in pnumatics u can mail me for any next stape.

-- santosh maharaj (, October 07, 2002.

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