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Welcome to the discuusion Group - Global Warming.

Anyone is welcome to post here, and while the main topic is Global Warming, other topics of interest are welcome so long as they are prefixed OT (Off Topic).

In general, I am looking for general discussion on Global Warming. Does it exist? Or is it a myth? What is cause? Are sea levels changing or not?

The rules of posting are simple.

No pornography will to tolerated. There are no other rules at this time, although as administrator I reserve the right to publish other rules should the need arise.

-- Malcolm Taylor (taylorm@es.co.nz), November 25, 2000


Hi Malcolm,

thanks for starting this forum and for the funny proof that PI was 2.


-- Ingo (iw@contexo.de), November 25, 2000.

G'day Malcolm, how's it hangin yer sheepshagger! Still workin in a coal-fired buzz plant, you evil planet-heater you?? ;) Still keeping it warm for various 3rd rate sporting teams, and sending yer youngsters over here to get the dole?? I tells ya, I go to the dole office sometimes, & it's just full of bludgin Kiwi's!!, nattering on about fush & chups, & hiiroin, & tullavuzhion. Jeeez, sometimes takes me nearly half an hour to get the money to my futures broker! The lazy no-good bastards, never worked a day in their lives! AND they have sex with sheep!, (or at least more than I'm getting.)

Butt seriously, I think this is a good topic for a forum man, especially seeing as what you do for a crust. I don't see that as a bias, I see it as "well who the hell else is gonna stick up for this industry?!"....doesn't mean your (assumed) take on it is right, doesn't mean it's wrong.

I myself am a died in the wool grreeenie nut, simply because my assesment of ethics is utilitarian, & it says that the very most valuable thing we really know of, is the obvious capacity for this planet to support a whole lot of humans for a very, VERY long time if we play our cards right, and so I'm gung-ho about supporting things which help the planet's future, & dead against things that will or may fuck it all up.

And when it comes to global warming, I've seen enough evidence to say it's still an OPEN QUESTION, regardless of the current scientific consensus. I dunno that much about the technical side, so I'm leaning towards thinking the conventional consensus may well be correct, but it's paramount in my nature to question conventional consensii, so here I am!

I think a lot of the opposition to the fossil-fuel industry is incredibly glib, even though these opponents have their heart in EXACTLY the right place, unlike 99.99999% of allegedly consciously humans. And the global warming activists have sufficient evidence to go jumping well & truly up & down, given what MIGHT be at stake....but I'm still optimistic they might be wrong.

I don't have to hope they're right.....I've seen how this world works, and I've got far more than enough other factoids to hang my hat on if I feel like a factual-based rant about just how fucked-up the world/race/system/capitalism/governments/secret-rich-guys/afl is.

I really hope global warming is a crock..it'd be one less thing to worry about. Right now I'm 55/45 towards the proponents of GW, let's see what you can find to change me mind!

& anyhow, i'm dead sure the oil runs out before enough of it gets burned to screw the planet, but that's a whole nother other disaster fillum.

-- number six (iam_not_a_number@hotmail.com), November 30, 2000.

Hi number 6 and welcome.

Yep, I gather that you are a typical Aussie, (full of half truths and exaggerations), so lets clear the air and get a few things right.

how's it hangin yer sheepshagger Paulette says Hi right back at you, and Baaaaabara says that she misses you too.

Still workin in a coal-fired buzz plant, Nope. Never have worked in a coal fired plant, although I do know a little about them. My speciality is Hydro Power, clean, green, quiet and odour free.

Still keeping it warm for various 3rd rate sporting teams So which Women's Netball team beat the aussies two days ago? See even our girls can show an Aussie a thing or two.

I go to the dole office sometimes, I thought so, I knew that those young kiwis off to Aus for the first time had to learn the habit somewhere.

I myself am a died in the wool grreeenie nut, So am I, and that is why I tend to get upset when the real nasty reasons for avoiding pollution are hidden by spurious claims of greenhouse gasses causing Global Warming.

There is now sufficient evidence that Global climate is and has always been far from static, and that what we are experiencing right now is just normal climatic behaviour. Have a look at this article in Prospect Magazine to see what has happened in the past.

-- Malcolm Taylor (taylorm@es.co.nz), December 01, 2000.

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