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Do you happen to know when H. DeYoung lived in San Francisco and when he was editor of the San Francisco Chronicle? I believe this is the same gentleman whom the DeYoung Museum was named after.

Thank you

Don Axley

-- Donald Axley (Hoofus@aol.com), November 24, 2000


Just came across an interesting tidbit, and thought you may want to check it out:

http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/FindingAids/dynaweb/calher/cook/figures/ I0052143B.jpg

The caption of this photo reads: The tomb of Mike H. de Young in Holy Cross Cemetery. M.H. de Young with his brother Chas. de Young started the Dramatic Chronicle at the S.E. cor. Montgomery & Merchant Sts. and it later was changed to the San Francisco Chronicle and moved to the N.E. cor. Bush & Kearney [Kearny] Sts. When Chas. de Young was killed by young Kellock and from then the paper moved to the N.E. cor. Kearny & Geary Sts. They are now in their new building at the S.W. cor. Mission & 5th Sts. when the Cosmopolitan Hotel was destroyed by the fire of April 18th 1906. May 10th 1929.

-- Wolfgang Schubert (chouby@aol.com), December 05, 2000.

More history on Web page: http://www.sfgate.com/chronicle/history/

Click on the Founder ... links.

-- Wolfgang Schubert (chouby@aol.com), December 12, 2000.

The de Young Museum was named after Michael de Young, who took it over when his brother was shot by the mayor's son. There was also a third brother, unearthed by rival paper The Call. Apparently, Gus de Young had been in an insane asylum in Stockton since shortly after founding the paper until his death. He was in the pauper's ward, as his brother refused to pay the $15 a month to adequately feed and clothe him.

-- cdcummings (cdcummings@hotmail.com), December 12, 2001.

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