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This column will be for anyone wanting to ask Denise about her experience in the making of Aeon Flux. To quote Denise: "It's flattering to have people appreciate your work. Sure if anyone wants to ask me questions, that'd be fine. I feel a bit of an outside as to the whole animation/creation process-we recorded our voices after studying the storyboard, and then they animated from there-but as far as my contribution goes I'm glad to share my experience. As I remember back to when I auditioned for Aeon I recall that I loved the dialogue, it goes without saying, the wondrous character that he had created. I'd done a lot stage work in Los Angeles and most of it had been of a cutting edge/absurd style-so I felt I was able to appreciate and relate to the writing and the setting of Aeon/Trevor's world".

-- Barb e. (, November 24, 2000


I'm planning a trip to New York next June and wow, I'd love to see one of your plays. Your voice with an English accent and the way you infer depths in a character must make for some good theatre. If you ever want to let us know about any plays I for one would be interested.

-- Barb e. (, August 23, 2002.

Prem Prem; Are we to believe that on May 8 2002 you were a swimsuit model and because Denise didn't answer your post on this forum in the ensuing months your career is now shot all to hell,(along with your figure)? Does waiting for answers on this forum make you crave food? Perhaps Denise has a life and couldn't get here in liposuction time. I'm awfully sorry but you should not have counted on a total stranger who WAS sucessful giving you free advice when you didn't actually do anything for it anyway. As for her living somewhere across the country from LA in regards to the entertainment business, ever hear of New York and Broadway? If I remember correctly it's kinda more than a bus stop from Hollywood and all that the glamorous swim suit business can offer but it seems a few talented individuals have been there and done well for themselves in some small un-Hollywood way, then again you may take comfort in the group of individuals who feel we don't need the Eastern seaboard anyway, like Osama Ben Laudin-but then hey come to think of it I haven't seen him around lately.

-- Barb e. (, October 13, 2002.

Oops...Did I overreact just a tad here?

-- Barb e. (, October 15, 2002.

Uhhh...guys...if we ever want to hear from Denise again we have to start a new more column, this things become the scene of a MVA.

-- Barb e. (, October 21, 2002.

Denise; as I have imagined your voicetones reflect the very deep strong and caring person you are, as evidenced by your loving act of total unselfishness to your niece. She is one lucky girl. I haven't command of the English language to express with eloquence an answer you deserve really but in my mind you possess the courage of the heroine you played, (Aeon Flux). My only wish is someone presents you with a new and faster computer for Christmas so we hear from you more often. Naturally I also hope we hear you again in the flicks...

-- Barb e. (, December 01, 2002.

Denise, thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to hear of your experiences regarding this series. I for one would love to know what the setting for recording was like. Did you work seperately from the other actors, or did you work in sessions together. Of course we all found John Lee to be incredible, were the parts recorded together? The talent involved in this series was incredible, I've always wondered if you felt your creativity was enhanced by working with one another.

-- Barb e. (, November 24, 2000.

OMG Denise you don't know how much i have longed for this oppurtunity just to ask you stuff. To know more about the person behind Aeon Flux, a ture dream. One question that i'm dying to know is, what would be your favorite ep that you did? My absoulute fave is "A Last Time For Everything". Especially when you and Lee are at the window, and you are like "trevor it's over" that whole seen was filled with so much emotion. well for me anyhow. How is it that you can put so much feeling emotion into one sentence and have it come across to effectivly? it must be so difficult. Whatever your gift it's amazing and i will continue to admire your talents. Please do not be shy, i am so anxious and curious to hear more about you. :o)

-- Lady Morgan (, November 24, 2000.

i just wanna know, do people recognize u on the street? do u ever say hi to somebody and they burst out screaming "OH MY GOD, ITS AEON FLUX!!!"? i know if i hear u speak on the street i'd probably do that =)

-- Dann (, November 24, 2000.

The recording sessions... hmmm, most of the time the whole cast of the show was together for the session - so we got to record the scenes as they were written. You really get an idea of the tone of the scene when you can work that way. They had me record with John Lee when I auditioned, and we worked together in the same session for most of the episodes.

I have to agree, A Last Time for Everything is also my favorite. It was a challenge to try and create the subtle differences between the two Aeons and we got to explore the vulnerability of Aeon's character.

Actually, it's funny, many people these days aren't familiar with Aeon Flux. And I live in Los Angeles! When it first aired there was some buzz and people who appreciate the show were excited when they found out I was her voice.

I find I'm a bit of a stiff with these answers - not used to this sort of thing I guess...

-- Denise Poirier (, November 24, 2000.

Wow right now i think i'm dreaming! Would someone mind pinching me? I'm so glad you decided to respond Denise, you just made my day. thanks so much. That's nice that you had the whole cast there, i myself would find it extremely difficult to get in to character without the help with my fellow cast memebers. Oh no "A Last Time For Everything" was a challenge to you? oh please i find that hard to believe. You did both Aeons perfectly. I loved that one so much emotion, so difficult to understand aeon and trevors love, you did a wonderful job you and lee. As for people not knowing about Aeon, i'm trying to change that as i'm sure most of us aeon flux fans are. People just want action today not brain teasing shows, that's why i love the show so much. Don't worry about being "stiff" answering questions you'll loosen up, believe me this forum can be come addictive i think our members know that. Thank you so very much for coming and taking the time to come and talk to us. I hope you will come very soon, at your convenience of coarse. thanks again. :O)

-- Lady Morgan (, November 24, 2000.

Denise, I'm so glad you came here, that explains a lot, about you working together. The fantasy this cast created is magic. The Last Time for Everything is mine and many here/fav also, it was fascinating to distinguish between the differences in the two Aeon's. It's been discussed here multiple times, and the message about love is poignant. There were some of us who have even admitted to a tear or two when we realized it was the real Aeon who died. Believe me, these are adults, but her character as portrayed by you touched us deeply.

-- Barb e. (, November 24, 2000.

Three questions:

Denise, if they do end up making this rumored live-action Aeon, who would you want playing your character?

Subtitled vs. Dubbed Anime, your thoughts?

And finally, can you see yourself working with John Lee (or any Flux people) again?

Thanx for your time.

-- Paul (, November 25, 2000.

Is it true you were in a episode of seinfeld? Someone brought it up just recently, but I beleive I had heard it before somewhere. I hate to go against the grain, but Chronophasia is my favorite, what are you thoughts on the episode? Be breif if you find this monotonous.

-- NAdar (, November 25, 2000.

Wow! I have to tell you I loved that show, Aeon Flux. I used to imagine I was her, how come they took that off! Do you still do stuff in L.A. on stage? What do you mean cutting edge/absurd style? like Saturday night live? Do you still do thadt stuff? Will you be doing any more tv shows ? I would love to see you do Aeon again. Do you think there will ever be a movie, (cartoon,)?

-- Amy b. (, November 25, 2000.

I wonder Denise if you would mind telling us in detail the reason Aeon Flux was taken off the air. I find it somewhat hard to believe that the shows rating were the cause of its demise.

-- Richard N. (, November 26, 2000.

Hello there.

Paul - 1. I really donıt think they should do a live-action Aeon. I really donıt trust that the powers-that-be in the film industry can understand Peter Chungıs creation enough to be able to pull it off. Itıs all about categories for them isnıt it, and Aeon Flux doesnıt fall into any of their ready-made formulas - romantic comedy, drama, thriller, action/adventure, sci-fi, whatever. Better off to do a full length animated story and let more of the public see the characters at their fullest, in the style that they were meant to be seen. 2. Iım afraid I donıt have the chops to delve into the dub vs. subtitle debate as I havenıt seen any subtitled anime (for shame). I can say that what Iıve seen of dubbed anime does work well when you have a creative writing team, talented actors and a director like Jack Fletcher, who works like mad to establish dialogue that sounds as natural as possible, all the while trying to match the ³flaps² as they call them. Iım sure thereıs some bad dubbing out there, though. 3. Iıve worked with John Lee a number of times - on Spawn and in other aspects of the business. I also continue to work with Jack Fletcher - a lot. Heıs an incredible director, comes from a background of theater, really knows how to work with actors on subtleties and such. And I did some work on Alexander too.

NAdar - Yes, I did an episode of Seinfeld. It was my first television series experience. They cut the heck out of my scene. It was a good one to begin with, but there was some funny stuff in it, for me, and that doesnıt go over well when the main characters are the ones that require the punch lines. I remember making them laugh in my audition - but when it aired it was basically ³Hi Elaine.² Then ³See you later.² Oh well, so it goes.

I just watched Chronophasia again. Forgot how much I like it. It seems to fall in with A Last Time in that Aeon, with her hair down, is vulnerable, weary and real. That was a really fun episode to work on. From re-watching it (something I hadnıt done in a long while) Iım reminded that by the time we taped the episode I was more comfortable and loose with the character. Was more ³in her body² as it were. Speaking of Aeonıs body... When my mother watched the series for the first time she phoned and asked ³what the heck are you wearing in that show?². I had to gently remind her that it was only an animated show and that her daughter wasnıt traipsing around Los Angeles in such garb.

Amy b. - I acted on the stage in LA for over ten years in mostly non-profit small theater venues where a lot of interesting work happens. When I say cutting edge/absurd style Iım referring to writers that are influenced by Pinter, Beckett, Shepard, Ionesco where the dialogue is minimalist and oftentimes the settings are absurd, not based in reality. Theyıre dramatic pieces - but they can also have a very dark humor to them. Itıs a challenge to bring reality to the characters in those settings. I've done a lot of comedy as well, but again, it usually falls into a darkly comic style. I was on kind of a self-imposed sabbatical for a while. But am looking forward to doing some more work soon. I do hope there will be an animated Aeon movie. Thatıd be great. For all of us.

Richard N. and Amy too - From what I understood, Aeon Flux suffered from a blitz campaign of exposing the public to the marvels of Beavis and Butthead (sp?). Apparently MTV put all their efforts into pushing that show and Aeon took a back seat. They didnıt promoting the show and alas, look what happened. Thatıs what I know...

-- Denise Poirier (, November 26, 2000.

I guess my apostrophes don't come across when I write in Word and copy it over - whoops.

-- Denise Poirier (, November 26, 2000.

Thanks for your responses, Denise! Discussion of this side of the show is sort of a new thing here, I think, and your input has been really interesting, especially your thoughts on the character of Aeon, whom you've lent so much to. I think we've been really lucky to have had so many people involved with Aeon Flux leave their thoughts in this forum, with Peter, Eric, and now, Denise.

I do have one question of my own... out of curiosity, how is your last name pronounced? It's something I've always been unsure about.

-- Matthew Rebholz (, November 27, 2000.

Hi Denise,

Just a couple of quick questions for you. Did you find Aeon's character easy or hard to make your own? Your voice and timing both seem perfect to me btw. If (please please please) they made another series would be we willing to don Aeon's trenchcoat once more?

K G Redhead

-- TK (, November 27, 2000.

HI denise and thank you so much for doing this! I apologize if this question has been asked earlier, but I was wondering what is your take on the Una/aeon relationship in Isthmus crypticus?

Joey v

-- JOey v. (, November 27, 2000.

Denise; What a pleasure to have you here on the forum, thank you for this consideration to your fans. I have to laugh at the story about your mother's concerns. I can just imagine how much attention you would recieve traipsing around Los Angeles dressed like Aeon Flux, there certainly would be more than movie proposals offered. Really one wonders how Aeon gets down the street, but then this IS fiction isn't it. I find your background interesting, and I wonder what playright or author or for that matter actress is an inspiration to your work? Also, if you could have enlarged upon Aeon's character, what would you like to have incorporated into the plots? Really found you're work remarkable, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will someday be a movie, it seems it would translate to the big screen with great success.

-- Mary Brody (, November 27, 2000.

I found it really interesting to put Denise's voice to a face with the posted photo. Does anyone know where we can find photos of some of the other main and minor voice actors? like hostess judy ;-)

-- William (, November 28, 2000.

Denise: to what extent, if any, did you 'study' the original Ĉon Flux animated shorts before committing your voice to the character? And did it take you long to flesh out how you wanted to pull it off vocally, or was that more a pre-determined style the director(s) were asking you to aim for?

P.S. If you first select/copy/paste your notes from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Notepad (probably buried in the startmenu somewhere) and select/copy/paste from there, it should display the apostrophes correctly. (Damned microsoft! Heh heh.)

-- eskimonkey (, November 29, 2000.

Denise: Somewhere on this forum is a column devoted to great one liners from the show, we all contributed, there were so many! Some of yours were said with a great, dry humor, what was your favorite line you personally said in the series?

-- Barb e. (, November 29, 2000.

Hello again.

Matthew - I guess you would say Pwa-ree-ay. My family thinks itıs comical that I pronounce it the French way - while growing up all of us Franco-Americans Anglicized the heck out of our names because we were ashamed, I guess, to be French - we used to say Pour-ree-er. This is interesting for me too. As people are ask me questions about certain episodes Iım going back and watching them again - something I havenıt done in a long time.

TK - The moment I saw the drawings I felt I knew who Aeon was, where her voice lay in my range and her sense of irony. Itıs nice when that happens. Iım sure it had something to do with how fleshed-out the character was, so to speak. More episodes? Hmm, Iıd have to think about that one. Okay. It would be great and I think it would also be interesting to see the kind of storylines would emerge after this amount of time, with everything that Peterıs experienced in these last years.

Joey V. - No the question wasnıt asked - Aeon seems to rely on her as kind of an assistant, really. And thereıs also something to the fact that Una worships her - I think itıs good for her ego. Some sort of apprenticeships thing. Is there something there that I missed?! Iıd be curious to find out what you think. Mary - Iıd say that European actors in general are an inspiration. The women are strong and not afraid to play meaty roles. They get to explore so much more of their range. I love Allison Janny from American Beauty and The West Wing. I find so many American leading women donıt do much in-depth character work, thereıs a lot of ex-models out there whoıve decided to act. Directors - one of my favorites is British director Mike Leigh with his gritty, working-class films and his wife Alison Steadman is an amazing actress and of course David Thewlis, whoıs also in many of his films. The Coen brothers and Frances McDormand. Steven Soderberg. and of course Casavettes and Gena Rowlands. I think she is probably my all-time, favorite actress. A Woman Under the Influence is one of the best films of all times. Jonathan Demme, David Lynch, Julianne Moore, Alan Rickman - I could go on... As far as what else to incorporate into the plots - I really canıt think of too much. I do like the side of her that interacts with people she has some kind of compassion for. Itıs a great contrast to the ever invincible Aeon.

eskimonkey - I watched the shorts to get the idea of the style and the movement of the characters. But they werenıt my main source of inspiration. Before the audition they gave me quite a lengthy character description and Jack Fletcher enhanced it even more for me. So along with the characters sketches - it was plenty to work with. I think when I went into the audition I had a good idea already of the direction they wanted to go - they may have tweaked it a little - but the style was incredibly comfortable and with me already. Sometimes theyıd have to remind me to go a little lower in my register. And thanks for the tip on the notepad thing - Iıll try it this time...

Barb - Gawd Iıd have to watch all the episodes over again to decide. But I do remember I had a great time with ³nice wings² and ³will you fly me there². Everyone had a great time with those lines. There were usually a few lines in each session that the booth just couldnıt wait to hear read, and when we did they would all burst out with glee. And then ask to hear them again, just to hear them again.


-- Denise Poirier (, November 30, 2000.

Sigh. Repeat person yet. What I would give to have been there for that! Thanks for sharing that with us, Denise. Course I'd still love to know the fav lines of your's or anything else for that matter, but gee, I wish we had sound.

-- Barb e. (, December 01, 2000.

Hi Denise! When i heard you were at the aeon flux forum i decided to come over A.S.A.P. I just had one lil question for you. was there any line in the show that you had trouble with? That you had to keep doing over and over to get it right? And if so why do you have trouble with it? And how did you finally overcome it?

-- Aeon Flux (, December 01, 2000.

Denise; at the risk of alienation of your affections on this forum I am going to ask you more questions. It's is the rarest of opportunities to inquire anything of your thoughts and I must simply seize this wonderful moment. Your performance in Aeon Flux was electrifying and I'm hoping you don't mind. Were you personally directed by Peter Chung? What was that like? The artistic rendering of Aeon's face seems to bear a resemblence to yours, is this true? I have read by Peter that you had a good working relationship with John Lee, and you have worked with him after this, what is it like to work with him? Thanks for any answers, I'm glad you feel the same about a live action movie, you're the real Aeon.

-- Barb e. (, December 03, 2000.

I found your list of influences interesting, thank you. I also love Cassavettes. I did not know you were involved in Alexander, I hope to see it's release somewhere soon. As far as Jack Fletcher, he must be a very talented director as Aeon had a multi-faceted personality that you indicated with skill, motivations to her erratic behaviour remain somewhat mysterious. I had the impression you're interpretation of her hinted at a person with intense emotions and drives and so I wondered if you hoped to reveal some of the workings of her inner mind.

-- Marybrody (, December 04, 2000.

So I know this is sad but what are your non work related intrests? No don't answer that. I feel bad about myself What I'm really wondering is what did you take away from you work on Aeon, besides big bags of cash? Did the show influence you as it seems to have had a influence on those who watched it?

-- Nadar (, December 04, 2000.


-- jo (, December 05, 2000.

The art of reading is lost.

Your answer is near the top of these messages

-- William (, December 06, 2000.

Questions for Denise: First let me say that I am a huge fan of your work (what little I know of it beyond the several voices I've heard you do on "Aeon Flux" and "Spawn"). My first question revolves around your involvement with "Aeon Flux" today. That's to say, do you know of any plans for "Aeon Flux" now, such as more books, another series, a movie perhaps, (I know the Playstation game apparently never materialized), and if you do know about it, how are you involved, if at all? I also wondered whether or not you guest-starred in an episode of "Frasier"? I missed your episode of "Seinfeld," but I caught an episode of "Frasier" and I recognized your voice immediately. I missed the credits at the end though, so i had no way of confirming it. Is it true? Thanx very much! Good luck to you in everything you do!

-- Ilker Yucel (, December 26, 2000.

Hello out there - I've been away dealing with a a family matter - sorry about the lapse in time...

Aeon - It's hard to remember what the difficult lines were... I'd have to go back and look at everything again. I do remember that the additional sounds were more difficult than the dialogue. We always had a good time with them, particularly when Jack Fletcher would make the sounds himself as an example. The screams were always saved for the end because they could thrash my voice for the day if I didn't do them right. There was also one episode (can't remember which) where I had quite an intense head cold and I was trying like crazy to make it sound normal - but you can still hear it.

Barb e - thanks for the nice words. Peter was there for all but one (I think) of the sessions and it was always a collaboration between he and Jack and whomever else was there for the day. The resemblance was a happy coindidence - but it worked for me - made me feel more of a kinship with the character I guess. John Lee and I got on from day one. It was great to work with him, he's extremely amicable, witty and charming. We've become great chums. He's also a great writer.

Marybrody - That's a really hard question. I guess the first thing that comes mind is that the writing really took care of a lot of that. The writing and the creation of the character of course. She had everything built right in and I just kind of slipped into her skin, so to speak. I think the main idea was to mask her vulnerability much of the time. I don't know if you've ever observed this - but the most challenging and exciting acting happens when one is trying NOT to show some emotion. Has to conceal it beneath the words you're saying. That happened so much of the time. Her feelings for Trevor, her own insecurities and failures, etc. I hope that's some kind of answer...

Nadar - I think the appreciation of the whole helps when you're a neutral observer. It's really hard to be objective about something when you've worked on it. It's a great perspective, one knows all the intricate workings behind the scenes, but you also can't watch it without that information popping up throughout. You also tend to criticize your performance as you're watching. At least I do anyway. What I did walked away with is a sense of the work-in-progress, the process of working with people who are GREAT at what they do. Just being a part of that is invaluable. And it was my first real voiceover job as well, so I learned a LOT.

Ilker - Thanks for being a fan, it's great to know that people appreciate this thing that I happen to love doing. Not aware of any plans for Aeon right now. (Nothing I've been privy to anyway.) Yeah, I was a guest star on Frasier, a british working-class friend of Daphne. The scene was cut a lot. I came in at the last minute. I guess the person they had previous was having some problems with the accent or something. I happened to have done two stage plays using that accent, which is quite specific to some regions in England, so it worked out great. They are really the most gracious and talented cast on television.

That's seems to cover it for now.

Hope everyone had a glad holiday...

Denise aka Aeon

-- Denise Poirier (, December 27, 2000.

Thank you very much, Denise. Good luck and Happy New Year to you!

-- Ilker Yucel (, December 28, 2000.

Hi Denise! I had a great holiday, hope yours went good too. As usual your info on the show is more than fascinating, being how you know Aeon firsthand. We all just adore her around here, and should she ever show up she would be mobbed, and the skylight would be her only way out. I am so glad you and John Lee got along from day one, because I'm sure it made work on the show infinitely more enjoyable, and the two of you were magic together, (I could go on and on about this easily, comparable to any of the well known lovers on screen, Burton and Taylor, Rhett and Scarlett...) so uhm, if you happen to want to ask HIM to come over to our forum sometime...we'd all would just LOVE it if he agreed...By the way can you tell us where this new movie your in called Breathing Hard can be viewed, (as it is written by John Lee. I'd love to see it.

-- Barb e. (, December 28, 2000.

Denise; Aeon Flux was awesome. I wish they would bring it back as a movie, and really do it justice on the big screen. I think it would be interesting to see a situation where Aeon and Trevor were somehow done in a Faust-like situation, as the show seemed delve into loftier themes. Did you ever discuss plots among yourselves as to meaning or implication?

-- Isis (, January 07, 2001.

The Frasier with Denise Poirier, Police Story, is on tonight, (ABC, 9pm Phoenix AZ, but with the time changes I don't know about the other areas), you might catch it tonight.

-- Barb e (, January 09, 2001.

HI Denise!! It Is So Good Of You To Come To The Forum. I Loved The Show ĈON FLUX It Was So Great! Your Voice Truly Inspired Me. You and John And The Rest Of the Cast Were A Perfect Fit. I Wish More EP Would Come Out!! I Was Really Upset When i Learned That ĈON FLUX The Game Was Not Comming Out! But I Am Hoping For A Movie, HINT HINT! Thank You Again For Your Responses!

Barb e. Nice Name, But Mine Is Better.

-- Isis (, January 11, 2001.

Hello Denise,

Before I ever entered the world of Japanese Animation, I was obsessed with Aeon Flux and I was studying to be an actress at the same time.. Well, whether fear over rejection or other variables I am now studying to be a writer. (Don't worry, it's all relevant.) And only recently I have revisited Aeon Flux and I have gained more and more from watching them. There was so much strong dramatic content in the work and if I had been an actress, or had become an actress as I was going to attempt, I would have been attracted to the story itself. Besides the fact I would be doing voice talent for MTV and getting damn decent I wonder, what aspect of the stories attracted you the most when you first auditioned or considered auditioning for this the way, just because of ignorance, I would like to know what voice(s) you portrayed on the animated series Spawn? That is also a series with strong drama and excellent themes. John Lee, I had the unfortunate obsession of being completely enamoured with Trevor Goodchild. I never even thought about the importance of his was more what he said, but then my boyfriend showed me Spawn, and I heard Lee unmistakably, and I said, "Trevor?" SO I would like to know if John Lee is still doing voice talent and what books he has written since I would go buy them. Also how much is John Lee like the villians he so often portrays? Now, your questions...there was an episode called "Thanataphobia" (I know this is so nerdy and picky but I have to ask to see if you remember.) And there was a point where Aeon is bombing the 7198 plant and she says, "Ready for action danger boy...danger dare you danger boy..." and the way Aeon speaks is almost in a sort of Limerick or poetic form...but your voice, I don't know whether its the tape copy or what sounds SOOoo weird. Have you noticed? It's the only time I have watched the character and thought, "This must be based on a real human being. This character Aeon is the voice." It was a very scary and creepy feeling. It's a "I have no life" point, but it's the only time that I became so conscious of Aeon's presence in reality. Now the rest of the time, Aeon was wonderful, powerful, domineering, deft, smooth, and vulnerable. Your voice caught that well. I would also love to hear you in "Alexander" if I could ever find it. I hear it was a victim of fairly limited release? Last thing...I know this is a lot all at once but you will probably never hear from me again...and you will probably be thankful because I talk and speak like a, I ask those stupid little questions the actors would not even know. But finally, I have to compliment you on good taste! You mentioned some actors and playwrights that I am incredibly in love with ...Mamet, Coen Brothers, Frances McDormand...and also you have appeared on the show "Frasier" which I think is personally the best sitcom on television....(A guilty pleasure but I might I ask, 'have you ever met David Hyde Pierce that is Niles?" and what was he like?) Oh yes and Lynch is this is Gina the writer and Aeon Flux fan signing off...Thanx Denise for your time and who knows...maybe one day I'll write a science fiction drama and I'll have you read it!

-- Gina Holechko (, January 24, 2001.

Hello Gina -

You've probably disappeared from the forum in the time it's taken for me to move myself across the country and wake up from my transitional stupor... but I wanted to finally respond nonetheless and also say thanks for your note.

What attracted to me to Aeon were all the characteristics that everyone here probably finds attractive and compelling - her sense of humor and strength and intelligence and irony and physical prowess... I suppose I just looked at her and thought - this is something I know, somehow - how this character would speak (and sigh and grunt and die).

In Spawn I played Merrick and the character with the large red hair that was originally scheduled to get into a life and death match with Spawn - Angela, the spawnkiller.

John Lee is still doing voiceover work and I don't know of any books that he's written - at least I haven't read anything... Is he like the villain Trevor? I would have to say no, unless he's undergone some kind of radical transformation since last I saw him.

Ready for action danger boy... I think we worked on that take a few times - I seem to remember they hoped it could come across as kind of a sing-songy mantra/chant and I don't think they altered my voice at all... I did meet David Hyde-Pierce and he and the whole cast of Frasier were incredibly gracious and smart and funny and talented (even to the likes of a lowly guest star such as myself).

Again I apologize for the months that have gone by...

-- Denise Poirier (, May 20, 2001.

Only on the internet is it possible to meet a great heroine/actress like Denise Poirier/Aeon Flux!!!

-- Barb e. (, May 20, 2001.

Denise do you ever just record your voice to hear yourself talk? Not that I think your conseated or anything, just is that what voice actors do? Do you constantly analyze every aspect of your voice for the purpose of altering it, or are you just supposed to talk naturally in front of microphone, inside the studio?

-- Mark (, June 04, 2001.

Hello Mark

I don't ever record my voice just to hear it - as a matter of fact I'm pretty critical when I hear it - so I try not to listen. I have taken classes, though, where they record different styles, mostly comercials and things, and you listen to how you're coming across...

Most of the time, with most of the work I've done, what they're looking for is a variation of my own speaking voice - so it's more a matter of direction, what the character is feeling, experiencing. Everyone has a range in their speaking voice, so there are times when I'd be asked to explore the lower or higher tones of my own voice for a character.

I think that answers your question...


-- Denise Poirier (, June 05, 2001.

Very much so. You have a great voice.

-- Mark (, June 05, 2001.

Denise, is your own speaking voice the same as Aeon Flux, or is that an example of exploring the lower tones for a character? Also, I was wondering if you enjoy singing. Your voice for me occasionally brings to mind Astrud Gilberto, (if you don't remember her she sang the girl from Ipanema) although I know it is different it somehow has a similiar quality. I did love your one little song, 'danger boy'. Impact.

-- Barb e. (, June 06, 2001.

Denise; my nephew Josh has recently seen Aeon Flux. He would like to ask you some questions, and asked if he could do so here.

The ep Chronophasia the boy "Who was ZOMBIE-LIKE "DROPPED some kine of fluid in AEONS forhead, what was that? Why did he do it?

what is between AEON&TREVOR?....

-- Barb e. (, June 06, 2001.

Barb e.

Do you know - you are third person to ask me in a week if I were a singer. (I'm not, although I know how and love to .) The first was a stranger who looked at me, asked me if I sang and told me that I should. The next was someone I only had only just met - it was "are you a singer"? Hmmm. It's something I've wanted to take a serious stab at for a long time... The lower register, yes, I would say Aeon was in my lower register. There were times when Jack would have to give me a quick reminder right at the start of sessions. "lower please", "thank you."

And hello Josh. I must say you threw me a good one. I just watched the episode again. The whole recording process was quite interesting, because, when I think about it, there were never very many question and answer sessions about the stories, about what was going on. I'm sure we all could have asked questions for days, particularly with this episode. We just seemed to get right to work and if something came up that really puzzled us, we often asked the question and got a cryptic answer in return. We just sort of trusted that we all, on some level, were working toward the same story, however fascinating and perplexing and convoluted it was. Anyway... that's my roundabout way of saying that I have no idea. I have guesses. I'm sure the contributors to this forum would have more qualified answers for you, but nonetheless...

For me, my impression of it is of the bindi - the (sometimes) red dot that Indian men & women wear on their foreheads. I didn't see it as blood somehow.

Here's something that seems to apply: . The 'Third eye' or center is connected with the sacred syllable 'Om' and presiding it is 'ParaaShiva'. After activation of this center, the aspirant overcomes 'Ahamkar' (ego or sense of individuality), the last hurdle on the path of spirituality.

I think it all has to do with time and spirituality and the connection between Aeon and the boy...

So what's up between Trevor and Aeon? Everything and nothing.

I think.

-- Denise

-- (, June 09, 2001.

From Josh and Barb;

Wow! Was Josh thrilled to pieces, (and me too) to see your reply, because we were just watching the demiurge one tonight, and this is the first mail sent to me here on my new computer in my new apartment! (I get notices of the forum by mail so I can keep up). How interesting about the bindi and the explaination is deep and befitting that episode and the whole series actually. Yes, I would think you could sing beautifully, and if you ever release anything please let us all know. It'd be great to listen to your voice, soothing as is.

Everything and nothing....yesssss

-- Barb e (, June 09, 2001.

From Josh:

Thank you for ansering my questun, i was watching the one with the demiurge, i like it but I don't really get it. I hop you make more .evberything and nothing hahaha......

-- Barb e (, June 09, 2001.

Hi Denise,

I was just re-watching all three Aeon videos. I love your work on the show. Do you ever do any work in the UK? I recall you talking about Frasier and the British accent...

And I notice your email address changed halfway through this thread. Did you move coasts or something?

Phil From the UK

-- Phil South (, June 11, 2001.

Dear Denise Poirier

I can't believe you visited on this forum. Thank you so much! You are definitely my heroiine. I love your voice it is so cool. I was wondering are you going to be doing any other shows or are you doing any movies soon? Aeon Flux was my favorite show of all time, I hope soeday you will be her again. I also love Fraser and I have been watching for the one you were in, that is a great show. I hope someday they ask you back on that show, they do all seem like really nice people to me too. I'm glad they were so nice to you.

-- Peiggsi (, January 15, 2002.

Last night I viewed an anime called Pet Shop Of Horrors. The show itself was just OK, but one thing I noticed was the better-than-average dub job... no wonder, it was done by Jack Fletcher! And Denise does make an appearance (er, if appearance is the right word)! She plays the politician's wife in the last (and best) episode, "Dual". Other Aeon names threw down as well (NADIR!)... definitely worth checking out.

-- Inukko (, January 17, 2002.

Oh yeah, Kawajiri worked on it, and although it's not his best, it does have a lot of his visual stylings. There's also a great commentary track on the DVD with Jack Fletcher, Alex Fernandez and John Demita giving the funniest comments this side of an MST3K. If you get any version, get that one.

-- Inukko (, January 17, 2002.

Dear Miss Flux aka The Wicked,

Ha ha you make me laugh and shiver, whoa. I bet you're a cat person. I have a wager with our maitre d' over that one. Or at least tell me if you own cats or what. If you say yes I'll flip.

Okay. About me. I'm a swimsuit model and want to get into acting. I know, I know, it's a dumb dream but I have a deep feeling that you'll tell me what I should do. I love your rich characerizations and think I can pull it off too. Where should I start? Whoa. If you turn out to look like Bo Derek or something...I would love to see a picture of you. It doesn't matter. I don't care what you look like. Can you possibly send one? If you're not married I mean. (Mybe you are?)

I heard John Lee was originally cast because he could impersonate an actor. Is that true?

Thanks for all the geat shows and inspiration.


-- Prem Prem (, May 08, 2002.

Wow. I haven't been here in a while. Guess my life has gone post flux or something. Actually I've been hiding out in my new digs on the east coast. No longer doing the L.A. scene. Still acting, though, mostly theater in and around here.

So to respond - looks like I need to go all the way back to Phil from the UK - Hi Phil. Never did work there in the UK. Would loooove to, though. Regards to the accent. Mike Leigh is one of my favorite directors. I produced and acted in a devastating play of his, "Abigail's Party", in LA quite a few years ago. Anyway - have managed over the years to become quite adept with a working class British accent. And that's what they were looking for on Frasier. Worked out well I guess. They (meaning Daphne) were real particular about the accent.

To Prem. Yes, I am. Two, actually. And no, I'm afraid I don't and I'm not. John was doing John I guess. He's really quite good at it. Swimsuit modeling will get you everywhere in the acting business. It counts for a lot that's for sure, almost everything. In the UK you'd have a better chance if you were a true, character actor, but in this country, in L.A. for instance, you've got it all going for you if you look good in a suit.

Ciao for now.

-- Denise (, August 20, 2002.

What kind of stuff have you been doing in theater Denise? Have you ever acted in a Tom Stoppard play before? If not have you seen one before. Actually im sure most people would have seen his work. The only play of his ive seen is 'Travesties'. This being the first professional non NZ play I have ever seen. Im now sooo much more interested as it was brilliant.

-- Sam (, August 20, 2002.

Hey Denise,

-- Mark Mars (, August 23, 2002.

gosh all fishhooks, Denise, that was a swell answer to my question of FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. Unfortunately, I don't look so hot in a swimsuit anymores owing to the passage of TIME so I have given up that dreamy ambition and now intend to become a administrative assitant. would you happen to have any advice on how to get to work on time or park? I haven't used the auto since my uncles took me joyriding and nearly broke my neck. i would be wondering why you are not tripping over the boards in LA so to speak and live somewhere across the country now? doesn't DAVID O. SELZNICK live in LA? I mean, come on! How can you get work and give off helpful advice liveing in a clod of dirt somewhere? I can do that myself. In many respects I remain yours,

Prem Prem

-- Prem Prem (, October 12, 2002.

In 5 months?

-- Sam (, October 12, 2002.

Prem Prem; Are we to believe that on May 8 2002 you were a swimsuit model and because Denise didn't answer your post on this forum in the ensuing months your career is now shot all to hell,(along with your figure)? Does waiting for answers on this forum make you crave food? Perhaps Denise has a life and couldn't get here in liposuction time. I'm awfully sorry but you should not have counted on a total stranger who WAS sucessful giving you free advice when you didn't actually do anything for it anyway. As for her living somewhere across the country from LA in regards to the entertainment business, ever hear of New York and Broadway? If I remember correctly it's kinda more than a bus stop from Hollywood and all that the glamorous swim suit business can offer but it seems a few talented individuals have been there and done well for themselves in some small un-Hollywood way, then again you may take comfort in the group of individuals who feel we don't need the Eastern seaboard anyway, like Osama Ben Laudin-but then hey come to think of it I haven't seen him around lately.

Maybe he is too busy strutting his hour upon the stage to check in with you, like one or two others we know.

-- Prem Prem (, October 14, 2002.


-- Sam (, October 14, 2002.

I just thought that "prem-prem post was some sort of ridiculous joke and I thought it was funny. I mean, this foo ain' serious. I mean, right? I'm cracking up!

-- dangerboy (, October 15, 2002.

Realease the goooood.

-- Sam (, October 15, 2002.

*cough* I have to try and stop this html nonsence.

-- Sam (, October 15, 2002.


-- Sam (, October 15, 2002.


(You asking ME!!??)

-- dangerboy (, October 15, 2002.


-- Sam (, October 15, 2002.


-- Sam (, October 15, 2002.

-- Sam (, October 15, 2002.


-- Sam (, October 15, 2002.

Fucit, Im really sorry, html is to much for me. Danger, I was joking to Barb before, release the eviiil.

So, Denise if you come back here again I'd be interested to know what all the Animations you've worked on are?

-- Sam (, October 15, 2002.


-- Sam (, October 15, 2002.

This different computer shows me i did fix it. Lookin dumb

-- Sam (, October 16, 2002.

ya see, thats why i was stressing out

-- Sam (, October 21, 2002.

Prem Prem is not ridiculous. Prem Prem struggles like you do.

Prem Prem

-- Prem Prem (, November 04, 2002.

I've been doing theater. Not much going on in v.o. as north and down east as I find myself these days. But it's a place where I can enjoy life without the dictation of a career in the ent. biz. Perspective on L.A. took a flip-flop after I helped out my niece by donating to her a major portion of a major organ a couple of years ago. The place became to me absurd and irrelevant for what was going on in my life at the time. Hence the drastic move. So now I'm just trying to enjoy whatever I can manage with to do with my art and get on with the life part of it all.

And I have an antique computer and a slow browser and I don't spend a lot of time on the internet. I apologize for the five month gap.

-- Denise Poirier (, November 29, 2002.

I'm just trying something out, don't mind me.

-- bob (, January 09, 2003.

Wonder what Prem Prem's REAL name is. Could "she" really be a "he"? Wonder what "she" has against Denise. Maybe an obsession? Maybe "she" should let it go. Sofia

-- sofia wacker (, April 05, 2003.

Lets all get together and buy Denise a new computer!

-- Mark (, April 05, 2003.

I cannot claim to be a regular viewer of animated features. However, I like unique, nonformulaic art and I think Aeon Flux is among the best of that. What's nice about animation is that there are things you can with it that you can't do with live action. I don't know if your opinion on it changed any, but I agree that attempting a live action version of Aeon would disappoint those who appreciate the original medium. Thank you, Denise, for being an essential part of a highly entertaining, thought-provoking show. It definintely leaves you wanting more. Being a part of that must have been very special. I always wonder what exactly the recipe is for making a movie, or an album, or a stage production, that most people regard as special. I think a core of excellent talent is part of it. But, I also think that talented people getting together at the right time in their lives when their personal creative needs happen to perfectly complement each other has a lot to do with it. Do you think this is true? Having lived in a few different parts of the country, I definintely have to say that life in the East has a very different pace and feel from that in the West. Not better, not worse, just different. Hope you are enjoying your change in longitude.

-- Jon Finkle (, May 01, 2003.

Dear Denise,

I just wanted to tell you that you have the loveliest voice I have ever heard and I truly admire the work you have done with Aeon Flux. Have you heard that Paramount Pictures is planning on making a live-action Aeon Flux movie? What are your thoughts on this matter? Also, if you could select which actors would play Trevor and Aeon, who would you pick? Thank you for your time. Yours, Caitlin Madill

-- Caitlin Madill (, August 05, 2003.

Jon –

In response (mine coming late as usual) to your email about a process that manages to produce a special kind of procuct… I'll say this – you definitely know when it's happening. Usually right from the first time you get together with the group or persons involved. From the moment I was in the room with John Lee – with Peter Chung and Jack Fletcher et al in the booth, there was a definate vibe going on. I think there's an understanding of or a shared aesthetic from the start. It's happened for me on many different occassions – I can remember getting together for a first read on a theater project and just knowing that it was going to be an intense and "right" experience all around. And yes, I do think it's true that people come together at certain times in their life, when everything just kind of jives for them.

The east coast is great. Definitely a different pace. I'm in Maine, even slower than the rest. But I'm managing to do more theater. Was in Santa Fe this year, Wisconsin the last. Hoping to still do voiceover work as well. Thanks for your kind message.

Caitlin - Thanks for your compliment first off. Yes I've heard about the movie. It seems to have been in and out of production for some time. I think that John Lee would make a tremendous Trevor. He's definitely got the personality and voice that would transfer to the big screen. Extremely charismatic. As for Aeon – she's such an incredible creature. Physically, I mean. Her movement and all. It will be difficult to capture. But with technology these days – anything could be made to happen. I'd just hate to see it go over the top. She really needs some subtlety there. It will be interesting to see. I guess I find it hard to think of any actresses that could do that…

A bientot. - Denise

-- Denise Poirier (, October 22, 2003.


You knocked me dead as Aeon, you were so brill. Whenever you stop by here it seems there is this lovely silence afterwards for a bit, I expect we're all stunned. I know I am. You're our dame alright luv.

Do you ever watch animations, you know with a professional look at them. See what's going on out there and all. Any you were impressed with? What sort of music do you listen to? Is there a particular character you'd like to play someday that you haven't yet? Was there any female actor in the show you'd like to act with again? Hope you don't mind my chuntering.

Finally, do you think the Aeon Flux movie should be centered around governments, philosophies, erm what I mean to say is misuse and abuse of power, motivations, like the show was-or do you think the movie should do one of the ones the show already did but open it up more?


-- Dave (, October 25, 2003.

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