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X-From_: sendmail Wed Nov 22 19:58:38 2000 X-Sender: thought@thoughtpolice.com Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 16:58:08 -0800 To: sf-caco@egroups.com From: Big Brother Subject: Convergance Of The Consumer Herd


Black Friday approaches! The biggest shopping day of the year and the official first day of the Christmas buying frenzy!

Like all of the other sheep who've been released from their turkey pens, we are coming out to join the great herds of shoppers rushing to consume the latest & greatest in fashion, electronics, toys, home furnishings. Rushing to be fleeced by the gods of commerce & compound interests, we will dress as sheep in honor of the sociological origin of the great flock.

Join us as we don sheep outfits, grab shopping bags, and "mock the flock". We will be grazing in the great corral of Union Square, indolently meandering into the fine pastures of The Gap, Macyís, Niketown, Saks 5th avenue, FAO Schwartz, SF Shopping Center, etc.

Initial meeting will be at the Pen - 1PM at the Starbuck's on the corner of Stockton and Sutter streets, right across from the Grand Hyatt. There we form 'family' groups and head off to graze at will. Photo op later in the day on the escalators of SF Shopping Center.

We meet again at 2:30 at the big statue in the center of Union Square to begin our grazing.

Finally, when we're done mocking and shopping, we'll hit Tommy Foley's Irish bar on the corner of Cyril Magnin and O'Farrell for drinks.

Children, cute single women, and Border Collie's welcome.


We have plenty of 3-D sheep masks, and t-shirts are on the way (at cost). Anyone who wants to make things easier can just go pick up a mask at Costumes On Haight(Haight St, around Pierce). We will be bringing extras for last minute arrivals.

Since we now have this plethora of costuming equipment, please recruit your friends for this endeavor - as sheep, we feel safer and more comfortable in larger groups.

We need more shopping bags! Please bring all your empty shopping bags for those who may not have hit Nike-town, Gap, Macy's etc. lately.


For more info - sheep@thoughtpolice.com or consume@myself.com __________________________________________________ ___ We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams. Wandering by lone sea breakers. Sitting by desolate streams. World losers and world forsakers on whom the pale moon gleams. And yet we are the movers and the shakers of the world forever it seems. -Arthur O'Shaughnessy http://www.thoughtpolice.com/bayboyz An ad-free "Calendar of Cool Stuff To Do" in the SF Bay area.

--- end forwarded text

-- Mike Kupietz (junkmail@greentortoise.com), November 24, 2000


Some sheep pics on http://www.telebooks.com/rp/jh50sq.html - please do not link that page.

-- Sam Lowry (noone@devnull.com), November 24, 2000.

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