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Wow, I never noticed that there are Cacophony forums! A whole new cadre of people!

For those who don't know, the SF Cacophony email discussion list mentioned in a recent post has generated quite a few cool events in the last few months. You might have heard about our Pigeon Roast (See for an article about it, for pictures. ) or the Artists For Earthquakes demonstration (... unfortunately the reporter showed up before everybody got there & thinkgs really got underway, but it's still a pretty good mention.) There are some pictures of a smaller prank at .

Looks like you guys are doing some good stuff, too... it makes sense for us to hook up! I'd like to ask that anyone posting event suggestions to this list please cross-post to the egroups list as well. You'll find a good bunch of people eager to get involved.(To join that list, send an email to or go to . If you want, once you are subscribed you can log onto the egroups site and alter your settings to receive one daily log of all posts instead of individual emails.)

There is also an "announcement-only" version of that list if you just want to receive event notices without all the online organization discussion and other chatter. Just use the above email address or link, but substitute "sf-caco-announce" instead of just "sf-caco".

Now that I know about you guys, I'll keep tabs on this forum. Looking forward to hearing from you!

-- Mike Kupietz (, November 24, 2000

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