dropped frames with Ati all in wonder

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I know that this kind of question has probably been asked before but I'm not enitrely sure if my situation is different from others.

Whenever I use my Ati aiw 128, with 32 meg ram to capture in MPEG-2 with any screen size over 352x240 I get dropped frames which is confusing me because I have a P3 800 with 128 meg ram and 2 Western Digital Hd's both 15 gig and both very new. the one that I capture on mainly is 7200 rpm so it makes no sense. Even with my motion accuracy at a low level I still get dropped frames. My bit rate is set to around 2300 and my audio is 224.

-- chris walsh (Lee_n_Chris@sympatico.ca), November 24, 2000


Perhaps defrag'n you capture hard drive.
Make sure no programs are running during capture that are not needed.

There is a link on www.vcdhelper.com to a page dedicated only to the ati and how 2's and tweaks.

-- zar (zarcastic@internet.com), November 24, 2000.

I have the ati aiw128 16mb. I had the same problem, I solved it by enableing the DMA properties on the hard drives and cutting the motion estimation rate. With an 800 processor you should be able to handle a motion est of about 15. I have a P3 450 and 12 is my max. Go to http://members.home.net/richa/index.htm, he has a whole website dedicated the ATI Aiw 128,lots of good information.

-- Albert D. Jocoy (adj_47_75042@yahoo.com), November 25, 2000.

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