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OMG!!!! i just saw a clip on myv of aeon flux and i had flashbacks!!! i have been searching all over but all i find is outdated websites. then i came here and the posts are actually recent. I AM AMAZED!!! personally, i think something should be done about getting aeon flux back on the air, i loved watching it when it was on. i would like to know anything about dvds or ways to get episodes, and if anybody wants to do something about getting it back on the air that would be great too, THANKS for bringing back sweet memories

-- Dann (, November 24, 2000


hey Dann nice to have you should read the rest of the forum i know it's alot..but there are some real interesting stuff posted on here...not to mention eric and peter posted here..we have awesome people here. Hope you stay, you might learn something new about our herion Aeon Flux. :O)

-- Lady Morgan (, November 24, 2000.

thanks... i have already read the whole forun (can't get enough) i am going to be around, and yeah i'd like to learn a bit about aeon, i was kinda young when i watched it so i lacked a good attention span, all i know is i stayed up every night watching it, and the more i read the more its coming back to me, I LOVE IT!! oh btw icq# 53754675 and on aim its Slims01 jsut incase somebody needs to contact me... thanks again

-- Dann (, November 24, 2000.

dann, wow you have read the whole forum already? that's alot to handle! lol yeah i was really young when i started to get into it to. must have been around 10 or 11 i'm 18 now, and i'm still over powered by the show aeon flux! haha well i'm glad your going to be here we need some new columns and some more insite. :O)

-- Lady Morgan (, November 24, 2000.

I am always amazed at how young all the people here are. I thought maybe I was the baby at 19, but I guess that this is just a place for the gifted. All these ideas from people who apparently in their early 20's or less! I though most of you would have to be at least 30. Most people my age just aren't all that interested in thinking about things.

-- T'was Nadar. Tis Nadar (, November 24, 2000.

yeah it does seem that no one our age cares much for aeon. don't know why that is, for some reason they just like to have things explained to them, rather than having to figure it out for themsleves. although i do try on a regular basis to get people into aeon. but i find myslef explaining the show to the extent of my knowledge and still they day dream not listening to a word i've said. i think they just humor me a bit. :O) but atleast i try.

-- Lady Morgan (, November 24, 2000.

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