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Thursday, November 23, 2000

80 cents-a-litre gas warning

By DAVID MILLER -- Toronto Sun

TORONTO -- Motorists should fill up with gas before prices jump even higher, the Canadian Automobile Association warned yesterday.

Gas prices at some downtown Toronto pumps have hit 80 cents a litre, CAA Ontario spokesman David Leonhardt said.

That's a 5c jump in the past month.

"Prices in downtown Toronto are already going up and are likely to do so elsewhere within the next few days," Leonhardt said.

"Motorists in Hamilton, Niagara and across the province should fill up now rather than tomorrow," he said.


Petro Canada spokesman Donna Hildebrant said the price will average 80 cents per litre once refining costs and government taxes are added to the 33c per litre it costs to buy crude oil.

"Prices are firming up but they are reasonable and realistic, considering the cost of getting the product to consumers," Hildebrant said.

Unhappy drivers were gassing up at downtown Toronto locations yesterday.

Insurance broker John Fountain, 57, of Uxbridge, said he was filling up before prices go higher.

"I am worried about the rising cost of fuel and the government should reduce taxes to bring fuel down to a more sensible price," Fountain said.

-- Rachel Gibson (, November 23, 2000


Well, I live in the Coastal Mountains in British Columbia, Canada, and we've been paying 80 cents for months, give or take some after the decimal point digits.

Looking at the world scene, IF one feels it necessary to "worry" about something, there are *far* more scary scenarios to get upset about than paying a couple of unexpected dollars at the gas pumps.

If you have a roof over you head, have eaten today, and HAVE a car to get upset about the price of gas over, then you rank in the top 8% of the world's "wealthy." I have a feeling all in all, that we'd better enjoy it while we can. I doesn't look as though those blessings will always be with us. ;<) - Jesse.

-- Jesse (, November 24, 2000.

Hi, Jesse, good to hear from you. I live in Calgary, where both the cost of natural gas for home heating and the cost of electric power have doubled recently, with promises they'll rise even more, soon. While I totally agree with you that people in our country are most fortunate when compared to the rest of the world, I'm not sure everyone will see it that way as they head off to vote on Monday. Rather than simply tightening belts and trying to live in a more environmentally-friendly manner, selfishness and greed may come to the fore. :(

-- Rachel Gibson (, November 24, 2000.

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