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Hi Guys. Remember me? Just thought I'd drop in and Say hi. How you all doing, Bloom, Squatc, Thrax, with his bars= and the rest of you? I've been flying in FO lately, not much on some squadies frog, some red thing in WWII. Stop by http://www.30-freestyle.com/Knuckleheads.htm and drop me and the gang a messege. Well, hope all is well and have happy holidays:) Gofoit out

-- Gofoit (shervie2@earthlink.net), November 22, 2000


Welcome back

Some things one cannot forget. Remember the run in old med arena in B-25's w/ U and we run outta gas before target, glided there? Guess outcome? Best Catch 22 style run I've ever had, we just called Banzai! over the target and went in... Welcome back, hope we do same again sometimes ;)

-- Combat BOX (boxmike@hotmail.com), November 28, 2000.

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