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I can't get my 1.6 million INP for columns to playback either. I know several things, I did indeed score 1.6 million (and higher on the Sega Genesis version years ago). I even replayed the recording before I uploaded it, which worked fine. Now it doesn't work. It doesn't seem related to NVRAM, I don't think this game uses it. It's a bit unsettling that a once working recording no longer works :-(

It bothers me that I can't figure out the reason why it doesn't work. Maybe I changed the dips? I don't know.

I'll have to try again I suppose.

-- Mark Longridge (, November 22, 2000


Nice work,but unfortunately it does not happen often.
Then next,try to send much better one. level up will stop at level 295.(3 jewel clear is 8,880 points)
99,999,990 points require about 8 hours.
Good Luck!

-- Rank-51 (, November 23, 2000.

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