I-link DV input to making of VCD

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I will be making my Ist VCD. I may ask some dumb questions.

I have sony PC with 10GB Harddisk/ I-Link (IEE 1394) interface / Sony Digital Camcorder TRV 8 and Sony Internal CDwriter (140E)

I would like to know , how much disk space is needed for an hour of Video? Can i-link input be directly stored in mpeg format ( rather than storing Ist in avi and then converting into mpeg)? Any additional software is needed to create VCD ? ( I have Sony Extreme s/w which came with CDwriter)

I very much appreciate your help and time.

Happy ThanksGiving !!

Regards Sanjeev

-- Sanjeev Jahagirdar (sanjeev_j@hotmail.com), November 21, 2000


DV transfer about 3.6Mbytes/sec. So for one hour of video takes about 12.96 GBytes of hard disk space. I don't think there is no way to directly store in mpeg format.

-- noy (noysaycocie1@yahoo.com), November 21, 2000.

There is now WinVCR which will allow you to capture realtime MPEG resulting in much smaller files. Otherwise, there are several hardware MPEG encoders available, but are quite expensive

-- Lee (rikyuu@excite.com), December 01, 2000.

WinVCR gives the same results as holding your flatbed scanner upto your TV screen. Don't bother to downlad it to even try it.

-- The Big O' (big-o-biscuts@alabama.net), December 02, 2000.

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