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I just got an EF camera body off of eBay and the shutter speed dial is extremely stiff. Everything is working, but that shutter speed ring is putting some serious indentions in my fingers..... Does anyone know of a fix to loosen it up a bit?


Stephen R.

-- Stephen Reynolds (, November 21, 2000



Don't know anything yet but I just bought an EF repair manual off E-Bay. If I learn something I'll let you know. One very general book I have on DIY camera repair says the EF is a very difficult camera to work on. I have 3 of them and haven't braved opening one up yet. Have fun with your new camera.


-- Bill Salati (, November 22, 2000.


Book arrived today. The shutter speed dial has a gear under it that turns another gear that has a detent plate under it. There is a little steel ball that clicks into the detent for each shutter speed. In addition there is a cord and pulley arrangement that actually moves the speed change mechanism. I suspect the grease on the detent plate has dried with age. Very likely the rest of the internals would benefit from a cleaning and relube. The camera is as complex internally as I alluded in the last e-mail! Best bet is to take it to a technician that has worked on one of these beauties before. Good luck.


-- Bill Salati (, November 30, 2000.

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