A scale for direct reading of best f-stop

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I have uploaded a graphic to the FieldCamera eGroup files area that you can print, if you have a 1:1 printer w/accuracy, clip, put on your rail and find best fstop directly w/o measuring or math.

It's based on the table in Paul K. Hansmas article "View Camera Focusing".

Instructions are included in the graphic. Basically you just focus on near, mark rail, focus on far, then read best f-stop directly off of the scale. There are two scales one for near-far and one for far-near, use either one depending on your technique.

There is a PDF, a Mac Tiff and a PC TIF.



-- Bill Brady (wmbrady@olg.com), November 21, 2000


Bill, I have messed around the website you listed. I can't get anywhere with it. How do I get to the file you described ?


-- Paul Mongillo (pmongillo@thurston.com), November 21, 2000.

Try pasting this URL directly into your browser:


-- Bill Brady (wmbrady@olg.com), November 21, 2000.

You're only going to have access to the FILES section by becoming a member. Atleast it's free .

-- William Levitt (light-zone@operamail.com), November 22, 2000.

I changed the eGroup settings, you don't have to become a member to access the files section. Anyone can download the file(s).

Any questions, just ask. The technique that this scale implements is found here on the LF site (Paul K Hansmas 4 page article). The scale saves you having to measure the near and far focus points on your camera rail then calculating the difference and looking up the f/stop in TABLE I of Hansmas article. The scale provides that reading direct. You just note the position (mark the rail) at either near or far, focus on the second point (far or near) then read the best f/stop directly from the scale.

If anyone would like me to print out a copy for them, send me a SASE (email for address) and I will send you a printout. You do need a decent printer (600dpi+ is best) and a accurate graphics program to make your own printout.

-- Bill Brady (wmbrady@olg.com), November 22, 2000.

Wild Bill,

From what I can tell, the scale looks like something sold by a company (sadly defunct) I think it was called the "Image Quest Quick Focus Scale" or something or other. The company was in Colorado. I still have thier 800 #. It was a square of plastic with four different levels of "precision" depending on how small (or large) a C.of C. you needed.

Is your dohickey good for all formats and reproduction ratios?

-- Sean yates (yatescats@yahoo.com), November 22, 2000.

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