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For those interested in wicked useless advice on how to deal with backache, keep reading...

For sherry, if the bath has just been cleaned with Vim, consider going to the Gym to use the jacqusi (okay, i'm convinced the spelling for this word is wrong) next to that you might accidently run into a sports teacher that can give you better advice on what to do, etc... Since I followed back school at the local gym, even if they give you free advice, you don't need to follow it if you don't want to.

(Like if they tell you to go weight lifting, try refusing calmly...)

Next to that don't just ask your boyfriend to give you a back massage when it hurts, it's too late then, try to ask it before that.

And last but not least, if your bath needs another cleaning, repeat after me: "George Darling, would you be so kind to clean the Bathtub this time ? Please ?!". (Replace George with the name of one of the current co-inhabitants of your home.

(Right, just like my cat would...)

Cheers !

-- Wim Van Oudenhove (, November 21, 2000

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