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Just a peet update...I'm gonna be making regular appearences in various arenas, training, WW2, fighter ops, but I'm grounded at the weekends presently, as my weekend station is not equipt with warbirds yet, that should be resolved by christmas or shortly before when I order the CD. Also, the young lady will want to play with my joystick rather than me when I'm in bournemouth, which will restrict weekend flying aswell. Secondly, spending alot more time in fighter ops arena, as I'm an easy mode pilot, flying on behalf of "The Flying Knuckleheads", formed by some ex-arrows, or possibly still present, jimjam and gofoit. So, don't get worried if you aint seeing much of me, if you're really jealous drop me a line and I'll die in WW2 arena instead. Also, more grounding coming soon, when my college xmas hols begin, I'll be off to bournemouth to work I expect, sometimes the kinda work you don't get paid for... This could keep me off warbirds until xmas when I'm likely to recieve the CD. So, see you in the skies!


-- Peewee (, November 21, 2000

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