What is the difference between Path and Classpath in Autoexec.bat?

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Please tell me the significance of setting the Path and ClassPath in Autoexec.bat. Also tell me the differnce between both.

-- Maghvendra Singh Saini (saini_ms@yahoo.com), November 21, 2000


we can set path in autoexec as well as in settings in environment

Path is nothing but setting up an environment for operating system. for example in command prompt when i type javac the operating system mustunderstand this javac for that we need to set path if we set path then it will understand that exe file and compiles.

Classpath is nothing but setting up the corresponding envirnment for example in java i am using some predifined classes for that i need to set classpath then only it will refer to that classes existing alreday

-- venkatasuresh (venkatasuresh@usa.net), April 17, 2001.

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-- Praveen (p_gudapati@yahoo.co.uk), January 21, 2002.

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