Politics linked to Global Warming claim.

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I just found the following comment on John Daly's Greenhouse Site.

The latest draft report of the IPCC, to be published next year, was leaked just hours before Vice-President Gore was to make an election speech about global warming. This was another example of improper political manipulation so characteristic of both the IPCC and the greenhouse industry generally.

In their report, the IPCC have replaced the small number of global warming scenarios outlined in their previous reports in 1991 and 1995 and instead produced a plethora of scenarios, divided into `families'. There are over 40 possible scenarios of future climate change in all.

The IPCC point out that no one future scenario is preferred over the others. They range from the extreme - predicting a warming of +6C by 2100, to the moderate - just +1C over the same period. The other scenarios fall somewhere between these two.

But the IPCC knew full well, as does the industry, which scenario would be seized upon at the Hague, and by the media, the one that would become THE scenario for everyone to focus on.

You guessed it - the very political +6C scenario.

Co-Incidentally, the latest El-Nino/La-Nina data shows that the mild La-nina conditions that have existed since early 1999 are now intensifying and show an SOI index of +15.11 (30 day moving average). Basically El-Nino is global Ocean warming, and La-Nina is Global Ocean cooling. Actual Global temperature data is available here.

-- Malcolm Taylor (taylorm@es.co.nz), November 21, 2000


I'd be interested in knowing exactly what global-warming "industry" that paranoid conspiracy-theorist Daley is referring to. If he means that there are millions of dollars being made by those who have an investment in the warming theory, what does he call the BILLIONS (trillions?) of dollars to be made (or lost) by those industries (oil, coal, etc.) who are supporting him and the likes of The Greening Earth Society.

The IIPC may not be the last word on warming, but anybody with critical thinking skills, who can review Daley's site with a straight face, is probably an Exxon, Shell or AMOCO stockholder.


Btw: El Nino/La Nina only refers to a Mid-Pacific Ocean warming/cooling phenomena, although it does have an influence on weather globally.

-- (Rapid_heating@planet.earth), November 21, 2000.

Hundreds Stranded in Buffalo Storm

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Monday November 20 11:32 PM ET
Hundreds Stranded in Buffalo Storm

By CONNOR ENNIS, Associated Press Writer

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Hundreds of school children were forced to spend Monday night at supermarkets, restaurants and community centers after a powerful storm paralyzed the city with 2 feet of snow.

About 2,000 students were expected to be stranded all night, authorities estimated. School officials stressed that all children were safe and being cared for, but some parents were frantic.

``I'm calling everybody I know and everybody's phone is busy,'' said Gregory Ipolito, who was trying to locate his 8-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter six hours after they boarded separate school buses to go home

-- Micheal Mouse (Michael.M@disney.com), November 21, 2000.

Unlike her daughter, Luna, Gaia had a fondness for change. She was always changing her aspect from cold to hot and back again, and she enjoyed them both. She never returned to a steady condition for long. Variety was her favorite spice.

As her sun became brighter, she chose to cool her fair countenance by folding up her carbon dioxide blanket and storing it within her bright mantle, in the form of oil and coal. Thus did she enjoy a variety and abundance of life who liked it medium warm. They didn't like variety. This life included an unusual new kind of critter, one that was self-aware. "Isn't that precious?" she smiled indulgently.

But she also noted that these new guys we're only "self" aware --- not much aware of other creatures who called her "Mom," nor even aware of HER at all. They also didn't play well with others. "That's not very gracious," she thought, "after all I've done for them."

One day, it ocurred to Gaia that these new critters preferred it warmer than she had arranged. "Well, why else would they take all that stored carbon and spew it into my atmosphere to hold the heat in?" she wondered. But she didn't mind. After all, she enjoyed heat as much as the cold. Variety was her favorite thing.

Being an accomodating deity, she decided to help. So she quite quickly began to change her lovely albedo. She raised the ocean surface, because she remembered how much she enjoyed those epeiric seas of long ago, and the multitude of lifeforms they nurtured back then. She figured she could even help with the air blanket by releasing methane gas, a very good blanket, from her frozen areas and from the floor of her azure seas.

It ocurred to her that it soon might become too warm for the comfort or even for the survival of many of the creatures who called her home. But that mattered little. After all, she enjoyed variety. Maybe a change was due. And besides, why should she care? No one seemed to care about her.

Her sister, Venus, looked over at her and smiled knowingly. Gaia winked. Her daughter, Luna, laughed out loud.

-- (Lil_ol_storyteller@sister.grimm), November 21, 2000.

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