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All your questions are good. Some quick answers, still stuck in 3 other horrendous assignments Wap, the only reason is that the technology is there, and if you owned the meter box you own the relationship, increase switching costs and so forth. You want to own the customer to develop network effects eg Microsoft word. Once you get a critical mass you can buy power cheap. We are not building an engine to find the best power, we are actually doing it like a broking house so we would be a full service provider. We do it for the customer and they get reduced power cost and we charge them a percntage of the saving. Say we have an SME ( Small to Medium Enterprise), and they usually spend $6000 on electricity per year, we save them $500 and claim 20% (ie $100 value) We get enough of these guys and we are making money by say year 3. Major problem critical mass, so we give them the meter box and then show them what good boys we are. The name is mine I think, but I am sure any name would be good. There are plenty of web companies with select in their name.


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