What does a Konica Auto Ring do or is for?

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Hi all,

I have in my hands a Konica Auto Ring that I got with a box of konica stuff (Vivitar 28mm f2.5, Kenko KF Auto Teleconverter x2, a Konica Praktica Lens Adapter II, Strap, Case and some other stange ring thing).

Does anyone know what the Auto Ring does or is used for? Has anyone heard about the quality of the Kenko KF tele x2?



-- Anonymous, November 20, 2000


Konica Auto Ring

Mike, This gizmo is used on the bellows (I believe both 2 and 3) in conjunction with the double cable release. It fits between the lens and bellows. What it does is give you auto stop-down when the plunger of the cable release is depressed. When you let up, the aperture opens to full again. Otherwise, you have to use the lens in stopped-down full manual fashion.

Jon from Deepinaharta, Georgia

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2000

What does Konica Auto Ring do?

Hi Mike,

The Auto Ring is a very handy augmentation to any of the Konica Standard Bellows. I've used one on Std Bellows AR2 and AR3, could also be used on non-AE extension tubes, I'm sure, but have personally never tried it.

It's primary purpose is to allow focusing with the lens wide open, rather than stepped down. MUCH easier when your exposure calls for a small aperture. Without it, your alternatives are to try to focus stopped down, which is hard to see, or to try to set the aperture after focusing, which may disturb the critical focus.

It doesn't eliminate the need to set the aperture manually by calculation or "match needle". (i.e., doesn't allow for AE). First determine and set your aperture, then cock the Auto Ring. It holds the lens aperture at maximum opening until released. Now you can actually see what you are focusing on!

You'll need a double cable release to utilize the Auto Ring. There are at least two diff. models of these, one for the mechanical cameras: T4/TC & earlier, the other for the electronic bodies: FT-1, FS-1, etc. Either will work with the Auto Ring, but you need the right one for the camera body. Because I use both T4's and FT-1's, I carry one of each type of Dual Cable release. (I suppose you could just use two separate cable releases, in a pinch, remembering to fire off the Auto Ring first).

Press down the dual release cable and it first releases the Auto Ring, stopping down the aperture, then it fires the shutter to take the picture.

The Konica Auto Bellows does not need the separate Auto Ring, because it essentially has one built in. As a result, the Auto Bellows, fully compacted, is a little slimmer than the Standard Bellows, giving it a slightly wider magnification range, at the low mag end.

If you are thinking about using any sort of bellows, another nice thing to have is a Focusing Rail. One is built in to the Konica Auto Bellows. A separate unit was sold by Konica for the Standard Bellows. Or you can use other manufacturers' units. I have a nice heavy Minolta model I bought off eBay, works great with Konica Bellows.

Sorry, no info on Kenko tele 2x...

Hope the above helps.



-- Anonymous, November 27, 2000

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