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For my fellow AME Today readers and contributors from the 1st District, how is Bishop Ming doing? I was quite concerned this weekend while attending the 'Young Women's Initative' of the WMS, I heard that he was going to asked to be located at the upcoming Bishop Council Meeting. Is this true? After serving under his leadership for the past 8 years in the 6th, he remains very close in our thoughts and concern here in Georgia.

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2000


My dear sister, I hope that the Young Women's Initiative of the WMS wa not a gossiping conference. Your concern for Bishop Ming is surely appreciated. However, I would say that we must repect the Bishop Ming's privacy and not make his life a public discussion. Please make personal contact with the Bishop and share your concern directly with him. Hear-say is gossiping and not witmessing and only creates problems. let us continue to pray for Bishop Ming's health and ministry. may God continue to strengthen him as he is PRESSING ON. By the way sister, tell us what happened at the YWI.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

Dear Bro. John, While your concern for the happenings at the Young Women's Initative are to be applauded. Your response to my inquiry about Bishop Ming is not, I did not realize that inquiring about the well-being of a brother or sister was gossiping! Apparently you seem to take the inquiry to a different level in which it was extended. One of the successes of the AME Today site in my opinion has been to share news across the connection. If in fact Bishop Ming is not doing well, then that is a valid concern and an inquiry as such I feel is warranted. If in fact you really do want to know what happened at the YWI summit, I will be glad to share it with you, but I felt compelled to respond and clarify myself concerning my original posting.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

Brother John, as I read your response to Sister Powers' inquiry I was taken aback. You were a bit out of line and very curt. As we are utilizing e-mail and the internet more we must realize that people can not see our facial expressions. We must take into consideration this lack in our communications and season our words accordingly with love. I have noticed a few(not all) of our BROTHERS on this site and related links take on a tone or expression which I don't too much care for. We have got to show more love and compassion to everyone who poses questions or responds. The sister in PORNOGRAPHY was told to check herself. As if to say it was and is her fault that her husband is tipping out on her to do his thing. How can any man dare to even part his lips to say something like this. Women have been loving and supportive to husbands. Women have put their husbands through school and helped them establish their businesses. And after working like a fool and a mule to help complete their man, the fool husband runs off with another woman. And some man totally lacking in compassion tells that poor woman in PORNOGRAPHY to check herself. BROTHERS you need to check yourselves to see if you are correct because some of the things you spew out of your mouths tell me your thinking is totally twisted. God bless you sister Powers for clarifying to Brother John what your true intentions were and not running off in silent pain.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2000

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