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Hi Gents,

Thanks for your offer of board members Rusty, I think we should use whoever you recommend to be on the board. Do you have someone specific in mind for the CEO? Regards the name, 'medihub' would be my vote.

I hope you have received a suggested draft bplan outline. I emailed it this morning. Please advise comments to the framework. I will email capital raising and risks by the end of the day.

The following is from the Australian Bureau of Statistics ( for health services expenditure:

"In 1997-98, the preliminary estimate of total expenditure on health services (including both public and private sectors) was just over $47b, compared with just over $44b in 1996-97. This represented an average rate of health services expenditure in 1997-98 of $2,536 per person. In 1997-98, governments provided more than two-thirds (69.1%) of the funding for health expenditure, while the remaining 30.9% was provided by the private sector. Health expenditure in volume terms grew at an average annual rate of 4.1% between 1989-90 and 1997-98 (table 9.25). In 1997-98, health services expenditure as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product(GDP) was 8.4%. This represented an increase from 8.3% in 1996-97 and 8.2% in each of the years 1991-92 to 1995-96"

I think this is sufficient research for the potential market size ($47b) and market growth rate of 4.1%

I have also checked with a number of doctors here and there does not seem to be a hub for medical supplies here in Australia. The closest I found was a medical services directory "" Another site I found which may be possible advertising sources are medical journals on the web the following is a typical called Australian Doctor ""

Rusty I hope the above is helpful for the marketing section.

Talk soon, Martin

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2000

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