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One word: WooHoooooooooooo! Or is that two words?

FUJIFILM INTRODUCES TWO NEW QUICKLOAD FILMS: FUJICOLOR NPS 160 AND FUJICOLOR NPL 160 PROFESSIONAL PHOTOPLUS EXPO EAST 2000, NEW YORK, NY, November 2, 2000 -- Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to announce that its highly-acclaimed Fujicolor NPS 160 Professional and Fujicolor NPL 160 Professional color negative films are now available in Fujifilm’s popular and convenient 4” x 5” QuickLoad format. Sized for use with Fujifilm’s QuickLoad, Polaroid™ Model 545 or similar film holders, each QuickLoad sheet of NPS 160 or NPL 160 Professional is safety-sealed in a light-proof envelope, eliminating the need to load or unload film in the dark and providing photographers with new levels of ease and convenience.

Originally designed to protect the Fujichrome line of professional 4” x 5” color reversal films from damage due to light, moisture or handling, the QuickLoad format is the ideal solution for 4” x 5” NPS and NPL 160 users whose assignments also call for the quick, easy and safe loading and unloading of film in daylight conditions. And, because exposed QuickLoad film can be delivered in its sealed envelope directly to the lab for processing, NPS and NPL 160 photographers will enjoy the added security of protecting their color negatives from damage in transit.

“Our Fujicolor line of Professional ISO 160 color negative films in the 4” x 5” format have long been the films of choice for everything from wedding and portrait to architectural and commercial photography,” said Steve Herstatt, Director of Marketing, Professional Products, Commercial Imaging Division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. “Now, with the availability of these popular films in the QuickLoad format that eliminates the need to load and unload film in the dark, Fujifilm is providing a valuable new tool for NPS and NPL 160 Professional shooters who need to capture images quickly and easily and at the same time, protect their film – both unexposed and exposed -- from damage from light, handling or transport.”

Fujicolor NPS 160 Professional Offering enhanced contrast, gradation and exposure latitude, Fujicolor NPS 160 Professional is a daylight-type color negative film that performs extremely well under a variety of lighting conditions including daylight, electronic flash and mixed lighting, making it the ideal choice for everything from wedding and portrait work to industrial and architectural photography. Widely recognized for its fine grain, NPS 160 incorporates Fujifilm’s innovative emulsion technology to not only reproduce colors that are extremely accurate and true-to-life, but also skin tones that are richly detailed and at the same time, incredibly smooth and natural-looking.

Fujicolor NPL 160 Professional A tungsten-type film particularly suited for interior architectural or copy work under tungsten lighting, Fujicolor NPL 160 Professional is ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial assignments. Incorporating Fujifilm’s exclusive Fourth Color Layer Technology, NPL 160 reproduces colors the way they are seen by the human eye, an important attribute for photographers needing to produce extremely crisp, clear, color-accurate images. And, because Fujicolor NPL 160 incorporates Fujifilm’s N Fine-Grain Technology that produces grains one-third smaller than those normally found in tungsten-type, ISO 160 color negative films, images are extremely smooth and fine-textured.


Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. is the U.S. marketing subsidiary of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, a leading manufacturer of imaging and information products.

Polaroid™ is the registered trademark of Polaroid Corporation.

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-- Marshall Arbitman (, November 19, 2000


Great! Now, what is the appropriate waiting time until we can begin to gripe about NPC not being available in Quickload?

-- Glenn Kroeger (, November 19, 2000.

NPC - I wasn't aware of it being available in 4x5 yet, let alone in Quickload format.

-- Larry Huppert (, November 19, 2000.

Larry: I don't think NPC is available in sheets, yet... I was only semi-serious.

-- Glenn Kroeger (, November 20, 2000.

>>Great! Now, what is the appropriate waiting time until we can begin to gripe about NPC not being available in Quickload?<<

Portra 160VC ;)

Looks like Fuji and Kodak have bumbled their way into a situation where photographers will be forced to buy from both! Truth is, I wanted Portra 160NC in the new Readyloads and NPC in Quickloads. I find NPS just a tad flat for my tastes and 160VC a touch too hard. Now, like Goldilocks, I'll be tasting the Yellow and Green porridge.

Ahh, who am I kidding? I'd like all major emulsions available in packets, starting with HP5 Plus! Still, it can't be bad to finally have color negative choices in the new packaging. And Glenn, you've got to admit, the Portra and Reala- based emulsions share a "look-and-feel" in many respects.


-- Marshall Arbitman (, November 20, 2000.

Great news, but does anyone know whether it will be available in the U.K.?

-- Garry Edwards (, November 27, 2000.

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