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I would have a Sony dvp s360 DVD player that says it will play DVD, CD and Video CD discs. (I have already played burned CDR's (audio) that play just fine),) I made 3 Video CDs with Easy CD Creator using proper mpgs ( according to the software) and the DVD doesnt recognize the disc ( it says "no disc"),,,,they play just fine in my computer ( they autoload with the dvd software and play perfectly). I would like to view the Video CDs on my home DVD player,,,,any suggestions or comments...??


-- Daniel Martin (, November 19, 2000


You need burn VCD in CD-RW.

-- ramon gual (, November 19, 2000.

Your Sony handbook says it WILL NOT play cdr. Are you sure it was CDR audio cd's? =o) The sony DVP-S360 WILL NOT play cdr video cd's. The front of it, and manual says it will BUT that is talking about STORE bought vcd's. I had bought one thinking it would work just fine. (One of thousands of users who thought Sony=great product) Sony is also one of the majior backers for macrovision btw. YUK!!!!

-- Billy boy boy boy (, November 19, 2000.

My Sony dvp 360 DVD player playes my home burnt video cd's just fine! It won't play burnt audio or data cd's but burnt video cd's work great! hehehe :-) now on to a good video capture card and let the DVD duplication begin!...

-- dj dj (, November 22, 2000.

Hace mas de un anio y media que estoy investigando por mi cuenta y he logrado grabar VCD con compatibilidad para los DVD Player , en general y he notado que el tiempo promedio de play back para los mismos ronda los 74 minutos , aunque en una prueba piloto llegue hasta los 80 minutos en un CD-R Verbatim Azo Blue de 1x to 16x writer speed y notando que en un equipo standart de sony no fue tomado por el mismo

Pero , o casualidad , repeti mi experimento con un CD-RW marca Ritek de 74 minutos standart ; habiendo escrito en el mismo solo 3 minutos con 44 segundos con la siguiente especificacion :

VideoCD iso level 1 mode 2 XA with disc at once with closed section.

y da la casualidad que el CD-RW fue reconocido perfectamente por dos player de DVD ( Marcas Sony y Philips ).

Mi corazonada dice que el standart tipico es :

VideoCD iso9600 level 1 and 2 y Mode 1 y 2 (CDROM / CDROM-XA )

pero tengo una duda si admiten ?

-8 caracteres (OS DOS6.22) mas tres de extension -hasta 31 caracteres (Romeo Joilet) -hasta 255 caracteres (Microsoft Joilet)

Y tambien estimo que el limite de tiempo grabable en VideoCD es de 74 minutos como limite de disenio.

Referencias :

* XingMpeg Encoder v2.2 codifica en VideoCD correctamente.

* Y Nero Burnning Rom v5.0.3.1 los graba bien.

Chau . . . GoodBye. .

-- Emir Ariel Attardo (, November 22, 2000.

Go to Circuit City and the plain old generic cd they have will work. I can't remember the brand but it is the really cheap ones they had. I bought them i they were perfect. Either that or use CDRW disk.

-- Dennis (, September 30, 2002.

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