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I have a rather unusual situation regarding making xvcd's that work with the pioneer dv-525. In the past, I have made many standard vcd's (bitrate 1150k) using ATI MMC and Nero or Videopack 4 without much trouble. However, I would always have to run the ati mpeg files through IFilmedit in order to get them to be Videopack compliant. Anyway, Lately I have been capturing everything at a bitrate of 2200k/sec. I have read all over the internet that the pioneer dv-525 can play anything up to 2500k/sec so I should be fine. However, there is something wrong. Here's the strange part: If i burn the ATI files AS IS, they work fine on my dvd player. However, if i try to edit them then burn them using Nero (I've given up on Videopack for now), the sound is always messed up on my DVD player. As far as I can tell, nothing in the file has changed after editing. Still 2200k, 29.97 frames per sec etc. I have tried ALMOST EVERYTHING in order to get the edited file to play on my DVD player. I have tried editing, than demux/muxing the file after using TMPGenc. I have tried just cutting the file using the "Video CD non-standard mode" in TMPGenc. VCD cutter seems to work but it's hard to create accurate cuts with that prog due to the fact that it always jumps to the GOP frames. I have also tried using Mediaware Soluations Myflix, but to no avail. I am running out of options (not to mention hd space for weekly captures) here. Can someone plz help me out?

Thanx, oh-crap

-- oh-crap (, November 19, 2000


Sorry for bothering everyone about my question. I just figured out how to do it so that it works rite. In case anyone wants to know, I jused Myflix to cut the file frame accurately, then i used TMPGenc to demplex and mplex the file. It works fine now.

-- oh-crap (, November 19, 2000.

Careful using myflix (or) webflix to cut your mpegs. It likes to corrupt mpegs in a big way. After using it you have to watch your ENTIRE mpeg to make sure it didn't kill it. The new tmpegenc works great to cut/join mpegs. Did that not work for you? To avoid gop problems I have always demux/remuxed my rough mpeg. Then cut out what I didn't want and rejoined. It has not failed yet!

-- Billy boy boy boy (, November 19, 2000.

I have the Pioneer 525. Be sure that when you say you are creating VCD's @ 2500 that the audio is included in the 2500 because that rate is pushing the limits for that player.

-- Al (, November 20, 2000.

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