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Hi Gents,

Thanks for your email Rusty. I agree the financials do not need to be too detailed. I think we need to cover funding requirements, what the money will be spent on and revenue forecasts. Once we decide on revenues I reckon I could put an approximate valuation on the company. I also think the total plan should be about 15 to 20 pages, is this what you guys had in mind? For the management section based on my very limited experience with VCs they look for a strong management team and board. Can you guys start thinking about board members? The obvious candidates are our respective lecturers but do any of you have industry conatacts that would not mind their name being put forward as a potential board member. The management team is also critical talking to a few VCs, obviously we would put our names down but if you have any contacts who have just gone through a start up this may help.

Talk soon, Martin

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2000


board members

Martin & Glen,

I can provide a few paragraphs on some board members for the management section. I have a few contacts and friends who are include a VC, a ceo of an internet start up (that I was laid off from), and some instuctors over here I already have write ups on. I could just mail them to who ever is doing the management. I will send a few and who ever is writing the bulk of the mgt. can pick from them. They are pretty good sized. I will also include a write up on myself in case we need some extra "space filled" in the personel section. I am also glad to do any additional chunk of the mgt section if help is needed. How could we divide that up? I don't want to start on doing some of it if one of you have already done some work.

I could also contribute to the job function description (w/in the mgt.). I have some stuff written up for an operations manager, marketing manager, technical administrator, accounts manager, and financial manager positions. I think all these positions would be needed with in our organization. Unless we outsourced some of it. I have all those responsiblilites bullited/written out already, so that will help us also. I will try to have my marketing section done and emailed to you guys by tuesday (here) at the latest. If either of you get a section done (esp. part of the mgt. or exec. summary) email it to me so I can get a better feel for what we are doing.

Come to think of it some of the material I am writing about is in the stuff I sent to you. I think I sent the mgt. and exec. summary. Anyway, check that stuff out. I will also get you that internet CEO's background info. I'll cut out and paste the stuff (from the sections of the plan) I think we can use so you know what I'm talking about.

I have the marketing under control, can contribute to the perosnel section & job description section (both w/in mgt.), and will do what ever else is needed on the mgt. section.

Any ideas on the name????????? I sent or posted some suggestions.

I hope all is well with both of you,


-- Anonymous, November 19, 2000

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