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Perhaps a stupid question, but here goes. I have a 6x7cm roll film holder that goes on my Wisner Expedition by removing the ground glass and sliding two clips into place to attach the holder to the back of the camera. Is that a Grafloc back? I bought it just before springing for an insertable-type 6x9cm holder, so I've only used it a couple of times. On the back it says "GRAFLEX/SUBSEA" roll film holder. Anything you can tell me that I might like to know? If I decide to part with it, what's the going rate for one of these babies? TIA big time.

-- Todd Caudle (, November 18, 2000


Yep!! Its a graflock ( also known as an "international back" I believe??). The only problem you may have with the slip-in type of film holder is that its use can put strain on the spring back, especially if the camera is made of wood. I prefer the Horseman-type which attaches as you describe with your 6x7 back. Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, November 19, 2000.

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