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Found a groovy little David Lynch site at The Angriest Dog in the World fascinates me to no end.

-- Frostbite (, November 18, 2000


I used to read this, I thought the little dog looked like a shark. I found the short film, "Premonitions" interesting, or disturbing's a better word. Also, the synopsis of Lost Highway, (damn film never seems to have left my mind) reveals the main subject of the film is about mistrust. There is this time/fugue thing going on, yet I think it's all about trust issues. Funny, our society loves to pretend we don't need to trust others, but we are totally blown away when we can't, ie; Fred/Pete.

-- Barb e. (, November 18, 2000.

Great site! It's the complete Lynch experience. I love the quote section; the ones about film, abstraction, the brain & death are deeply profound, while others (ie: anything food-related) can be hysterically funny. Alas, nobody seems to like Dune there... otherwise, a great resource on all things Lynch.

-- Paul (, November 20, 2000.

Now I wish I hadn't put in that last sentence, I sound like one of those "best of the Web" columnists.

-- Paul (, November 20, 2000.

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