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I'm trying to locate information about a major auction/sale of Sutro Baths artifacts held in 1969 or early 1970. As I remember, thousands of items went up for sale ranging from old programs to photographs to woolen swim suits. Thanks in advance.

-- John Martini (, November 18, 2000


John, January 14, 1971 is the date that a 11 day public sale started at the Cliff House. Sold were antique autos, ship models, a sea serpent, Egyptian mummies, a small guy [sic] (Tom Thump?), bathing suits, posters of WW I and WW II, old Cliff House commodes, and urns - according to a flyer I found. There is also a photo of the earlier removal of stuffed animals on September 10, 1952 during a clean up.

Hope this makes up on your question of the Cliff House I did not answer...

Best, Wolfgang

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, November 20, 2000.

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