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I heard from a reliable source that Casey was spotted with buddy Cole Hauser dancing with a couple of lady friends at Lansdowne Street clubs in Boston last night. His hair was very closely cropped and dyed blue. Rumor has it that Casey is going to be playing Billie Joe Armstrong in an upcoming flick about the story of Green Day.

God bless, Abe

-- Abraham Farmer (, November 18, 2000


I think that, maybe, one of the girls could be Summer Phoenix. There are some pics of Casey and Sumeer in the DailyNewsPix web and it says that they are going out.

-- Casandra (, November 18, 2000.

leave my boyfriend alone scumbags!!!

-- summer phoenix (, December 01, 2000.

hey, abe, have you asked casey about your movie yet? The one where he plays the swedish cook? lol, "summer"- you wish.

-- dramaqueenie (, December 01, 2000.

Casey and I don't rub elbows with the same type of people. I see a lot of my buddies at the VFW, and other retired folk. I sure would like to meet this Casey you all seem to love so much. He's got a knack for that. I used to see his kind come and go aboard ship. Some of them make it, some of them don't.

God bless, Captain Abraham Farmer, USN Ret.

-- Abe (, December 03, 2000.

oh, casey would soooo make it-- you should send your idea to his agent!

-- dramaqueenie (, December 11, 2000.

I dont think that this "Capt. Abraham" guy is quite normal. You kids should be careful with him.

-- anon. (, December 15, 2000.

I like to keep everything ship-shape and above board. Sure, I'd be lying if I told ya I never took an extra apple from the mess hall. I can show ya my honorable discharge certificate, if ya'd like to see it. As a matter of course, it's signed by the Secretary of the Navy who was there in '48. I woulda been out sooner, but I stayed in after the war. He was a stand-up guy and that's reflected in the fact that he signed it. Some of the guys wanted one with Truman on it. A lot of the ships were sold for scrap in those days. We used to say "Hi-yo, that's a-hoppie!" every time we saw them haul another one off to the junk heap.

Anyway, so Casey sure does seem like a nice fella.

God bless, Captain Abraham Farmer, USN, (Ret.)

-- Capt. Abraham Farmer, USN (Ret.) (, December 15, 2000.

Shut up anon! Abe is soooooo cool!

-- dramaqueenie (, December 19, 2000.

Did you guys hear about what happened when Casey Affleck threw a surprise birthday party for his girfriend, Summer Phoenix...she burst into tears and couldn't stop crying for a few sweet... if you don't believe me go to and look under "Dish of the Day" December 21, 2000, for the full details. (Note. Hurry up, the "Dish of the Day" changes everyday.)

-- Becca (, December 20, 2000.


-- NICOLE (ELOPE2E@AOL.COM), January 15, 2001.

heyhey, nicole, Abe is one of the cool sickos! lol, The reasearch team is probably hard at work.

-- dramaqueenie (, January 15, 2001.

is that soo? research teams on the loose eh? so how come abe is in tip top shape? how come hes the COOLEST?

-- nicole (, January 15, 2001.

because he lives the navy life and he's proud of it, right abe? Abe also wants to put casey in a movie== god abe, you kick so much ass!

-- dramaqueenie (, January 15, 2001.

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