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I thought the LF Forum would be the best way to find people who have been to Sexton's work shop on the Expressive Print. I understand that these are very hard to get into. I'd like any thoughts on what I need to do to increase my chances on getting accepted. I have a web site that is being modified with additional prints and an up-graded presentation. Would an essay be a good idea. I'd like to hone my application for the February announcement of the 2001 and 2002 schedule. Thanks

-- Gene Crumpler (, November 18, 2000


My advice would be to send in your application promptly and be flexible about the particular session of the workshop you are willing to take. A willingness to take the last session (February of the next year) might help. There is a short space on the application for an "essay." I doubt Sexton or his staff has much extra time to read lengthy essays or check out applicants' web sites.

-- Chris Patti (, November 18, 2000.

John is very fair as to whom he accepts into his workshops. He tries very hard to group people of the same accomplishment. That way the students aren't waiting for someone to catch up. I would send a small sample of your work and a short bio on your photographic endeavors. You don't really need the beginning workshop Gene. I've seen your work and it is good. The problem as I have heard it told by others that have taken his advanced workshop is that he knows what he taught and wants to see if you have been using his strategies and it is an extension of those strategies that he taught before. There are a lot of beginning printers that want to take his workshops and he has to have some mechanism to weed out those who don't get it and those who already know their way around a darkroom environment. I wholeheartedly endorse his workshops. Great experience. He is a funtastic teacher and his assistant is extremely capable in her own right. James

-- lumberjack (, November 18, 2000.

I would advise getting on his mailing list and maybe in January call his office and ask about the workshop that you are interested in attending. Exact dates and that sort of thing. When you receive the workshop catalog, fill out the application and write the check and mail it right away like in a day or two. I have been disappointed by thinking it over for a week. I have attended the Exploring the Expressive Print workshop twice and enjoyed it both times. I do hope to take the more advanced version in the near future but mastering what is taught in the first workshop is a good start. Good Luck!

-- Jeff White (, November 18, 2000.

Isn't "The Expressive Black and White Print" the basic of his three workshops, as opposed to the one he teaches at his home and the two week one at Anderson Ranch? I've attended all three but I forget their exact names. If The Expressive Black and White Print is the basic one, it isn't hard to get into in the sense that you need to submit work or pass some kind of test or anything like that. You just need to get your registration in before the workshop fills. For all three of the ones I've attended I sent my registration in by Federal Express on the day I received the catalog. His written policy, unless its changed in the last three or fouryears, is that you have to take The Expressive Black and White Print before you can take the other two more advanced workshops at his studio and at Anderson Ranch. urses unless you've first taken "The Expressive Black and White Print."

-- Brian Ellis (, January 13, 2002.

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