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I'm puzzled at the events that are going on.

(1) The pow 186350 recording of Richy Cream (no matter how assholish the guy is) seems to look fine. The inpspeed averages are clearly in acceptable ranges only once going below the 4 mark and all have curve distributions. The autofire detection doesn't even go off. Could he have uploaded a new file in the place of the old one?

(2) the Tommi trackfld recording 95280 looks awfull when looked at bit by bit. not autofire triggering but nearly 1000 presses on frame 1 and frame 2 timings.

Why did Richy's pow recording get zeroed and why did Tommi's get confirmed so quickly? Is there something else that is conflicting with the InpSpeed reports?

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

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