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hi folks,

this may not be news for most but I hope it helps ... here's more info on Konica test reports:

TC-X w/50 f1.8: Mod.Photo Sept 1985

FT-1 w/50 f1.7: Mod.Photo Sept 1983 FT-1 w/50 f1.4,35 f2.0,85 f1.8: Pop.Photo Sept.1983 FT-1: Petersen's Photographic June 1983 User Report

FS-1 w/40 f1.8: Mod.Photo June 1979 FS-1 w/40 f1.8,28 f1.8,100 f2.8: Pop.Photo Aug 1979

T-4 w/50 f1.4: Mod.Photo Feb 1979

TC w/50 f1.7,45-100 f3.5,80-200 f4: Mod.Photo Nov 1976 TC w/50 f1.7,135 f2.5,28 f3.5 Hexar: Pop.Photo July 1976

Mod.Photo - MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY magazine Pop.Photo - POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY magazine



-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000


If you get access to these test, please repost them here. :)

Hi Glenn, If you find these test reports, please post them here, it would be of great interest to the group!


-- Anonymous, December 09, 2000

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