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I was successful making a VCD on the Mac. I used M Pack and Toast 4.2. My question is why does the VCD I burned on a CDR-W disc work in my Sony DVD player but a CD-R does not? I have tried 2 types of CD-R's (basically the cheep ones). The CDR-W I used was Memorex.

Can anyone tell me what CD-R's are good to use which work on a stand-alone DVD player? CDR-W's are too expensive to distribute...

Final question... Can I encode a movie to MPEG-2 format and write it to VCD or does MPEG-2 only work for DVD? I am looking for more video/disc. 2gig's equates to 9+ minutes of video. 2 gig's of uncompressed video = 95 megs of MPEG-1 video. I can only get about 60 minutes / disc... Bitch bitch bitch...

Thanks for this board. It's helped alot.

-- Joe Yale (JOEYALE@YAHOO.COM), November 17, 2000


i use tdk for vcd and they work fine on my pioneer dvd i have used loads of other media and have not found any that don`t work so i guess that your sony must be fussy. MPEG2 is for DVD and SVCD not vcd.

-- shane (shane3171@hotmail.com), November 17, 2000.

Only a handful of set-top players will support cdr or cdrw.
Your Sony handbook even states IT WILL NOT PLAY CDR
If you plan to distribute for set-top players you would have to
make a master cd and have it duplicated professionaly.
(and hold the copyrights of the content of the cd)
If not, you would be selling/giving away coasters. A list of dvd players that can read cdr's can be found at
www.vcdhelper.com Mpeg2 on a vcd would be called a SVCD (super VCD)
You can put about 1/2 hour per cd. (SVCD)
You should go to www.vcdhelper.com and read ALL the information there.
There is ALOT more to it than just capturing and burning. =o(

-- Jumping Jack (nospam@nospam.org), November 17, 2000.

I have a Sony DAV-S300 ( home theatre system with DVD player) which accepts SOME CD-R media, both for audio CD's and for VCD CD's.

Currently I have tested the following brands : That's Write 74min (cyanine type 0) No luck That's Write 80min (cyanine type 2) CD & VCD Dvision 74min (cyanine type 1) No luck Philips 74min (cyanine type 0) No luck Imation 74min (cyanine type 0) No luck Nomai RW 74min (Pht...) CD & VCD Maxwell RW 74min (???) CD & VCD

I made them with TMPEGEnc and Nero. I use them as Audio MP3 CD's : encode 100kb video and 224 kb audio. Nero complains, makes a non-standard VCD, but the Sony plays them, although the "elapsed time" of the track is completely wrong. My latest VCD has 70 tracks (74 min CD). Houuuuurs of music (nearly 8 audio CD's !).

Regards, Hans Bus

-- Hans Bus (ikkedacht@hotmail.com), December 04, 2000.

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