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Jim’s idea: M commerce SMS application to track information of users via SMS on their mobile phones. Information about users is held in a central database where info comes up after a number is received (name, age etc.)*More people have phones than pc’s (4* more phones than pcs in a few years) Field marketing research through mobile commerce.

Sms – reliable + works (wap has problems) – basic function

Jamie’s idea: For website that pays users and tracks their online habits for a fee (market research) + sells to big Internet companies who need this information but want to avoid infringing on users privacy (as they may be unwilling to be tracked).

Idea: Software customisation Browser customization for advertising incorporated in all buttons + browser in general. Partnership with navigator or explorer.

Pat’s idea:

Corporations setting up ISP’s (for employees to get free net access outside work) Sponsored by corporations. All about marketing. If u use a specific browser adds will increase effectiveness – constant reminder – more social, people identify with beer, cars (if u drive bmw would like icon, Guinness/bud etc)

Brand reinforcement through social products (man utd web browser) Connecting anyone for free web connection through personalized web browsers

We act as middlemen and collect fee. Line connection is free for customers. Company pays us. We hook up co + design browser. Manage relationship of customizing software. Where do we get our revenue?????

Electronic marketplace for the firearms industry Web hub –b2b for ammunition./firearm manuf other end paramilitary agencies, privavcy orgs law enforcement at other end.


-- Anonymous, November 17, 2000

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