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Hi Mates! I have just read your and i am VERY IMPRESSED! It provides so much useful info for a PC-AV fan like myself. THANKS A LOT!!! I have a specific question on making vcd and hope that u can help me with. I recently bought this hardware encoder card called Grandmars 3DeMon PV-231 which captures and encodes mpeg-1 files. The output files are quite ok (PAL format). Then I burn the mpeg files onto CDR to make a VCD using NTI CD maker and Nero 5 at 8x. The output VCD plays quite well on the computer with software players (Windows Media Player etc) without any problems. But when i play the same VCD using a standalone VCD player (cheap one made in China), there is a problem of sound latency (about 1.5 second delay) even for small files (eg 1 minute long). I am very puzzled and donno why this occurs. My VCD player is perfectly functional and can play CDR-made VCDs. Please let me know what you think the problem maybe (as i have paid quite a bit for the encoder card and dont want to see it goes down the drain). Thanks a lot!!!

BTW, i am using a P3 800e o/c to 1G, 128M RAM and a GeForce2 GTS card. Canny

-- Canny L (, November 17, 2000


If you have been using FlaskMpeg as the encoder then you will certainly have out of sync audio. the solution is to demux and remux the mpg file with TMPEG Encoder, It has Mpeg Tools that will demux and remux your file and correct the out of sync audio Regards Trev From Down Under

-- Trev (, November 17, 2000.

Thanks for ur response.

However, the software I use to capture is the one which comes with the encoder card (quite primitive, donno its name). It encodes the file to mpg real time.

What puzzles me is why there is latency when the disc is played in a stand alone VCD player, but no such problem with software player - does the cause lie in the encoder software such that it create slightly funny format for the output mpeg files, so that they are played ok in the PC but not fully supported by the stand alone player?


-- Canny L (, November 17, 2000.

Are you using the standard VCD bit rate or a higher one? If you are using a higher one it might be too high for the player. I have trouble with my Pioneer if I get the rates over 2500

-- AL (, November 17, 2000.

I suppose it is the standard format - it is preset/default by the software, the particulars are: Audio Bit Rate 224, Sample Rate 44100, Video Constant Bit Rate 1150, Video Size SIF. These are all the selectable options.

-- Canny L (, November 17, 2000.

I checked Disk-At-Once in WinOnCD 3.7 when burning VCD-mpegs on CDR/CDRW and the audio out of sync or audio latency on standalone player is gone!

-- xxx (, November 19, 2000.

No...i ticked Disk-At-Once in Nero and it is the same...

-- CL (, November 19, 2000.

A few posts above suggested to demux and remux your mpeg file. This works 80% of the time to fix an audio sync error on a set-top player. I also agree tmpegenc works best for this and it's free. A copy can be found in the software section at Have you tried this yet?

-- Billy boy boy boy (, November 19, 2000.

no i have not tried that because it will take so long to process a file. my original plan was to use real time hardware encoding so i dont need waste time to process the files time and again after the initial capture. but maybe it does not work with inexpensive capture cards...

-- CL (, November 20, 2000.

I have experienced the same problem and by experimentation I was able to solve it using the following procedures.

1. Capture at 2000 kbits/sec for video and 224 kbits for audio. (separate files for video (m1v) and audio (mpa). 2. Using Panasonic 2.5, encode the video to 1150 kbits. 3. Mux the video and audio using VCD Cutter 4.0. 4. Using IFilmEdit, test recording the video. Normally, IFilm will prompt with an error message in the video stream. 5. Using VCD Cutter, remove a small portion at the end of the movie. 6. Then record again using IFilm Edit (VCD format). 7. Burn the CD.

Try it. I don't have any problem ever since.

-- jun (, November 21, 2000.

we have the same problem and have wasted a lot of cdr. even if i used a SHARP or CHINA vcd player it's the same i have a lifeview capture card, P3 550 Mhz. but will try again this week end.

have u got any solutions yet.

-- leonardo martin (, December 09, 2000.

I have a similar problem I think. Using Win2k + SP1 + Windows Media player to play my VCD .DAT files causes the sound to be 1.5 seconds before the video. The same files play fine on NT4. Anyone got any ideas ? can you email me a response too as well as posting one here. thanks

-- AW (, February 26, 2001.

I have the same problem too, just wondering can we compensate the audio delay from the WinMPEG-200F Setting, Advance tab.

Have not try it yet, pls email me too if there is any solutions.

-- Mark (, February 01, 2002.

I have just read All Your Msgs. It provides so much useful info for a people like me who makes vcd for other's from VHS THANKS A LOT!!!

I have a specific question on making vcd and hope that u can help me A Lot.. I recently bought this hardware encoder Device Called Dazzle Digital Video Creator II Which captures and encodes mpeg1 & 2 files. The output PAL files are works Fine on Computer. Then I burn the mpeg files onto CDR to make a VCD Nero5.5.5.6 at 4x. The output VCD plays quite well on the computer with software players (Windows Media Player Power DVD etc) without any problems. But when i play the same VCD there is a problem of sound latency On All VCD Player of Sony, Panasonic, Samsung (delay Sound) These hapns from 4 to 5 days previously it was perfact. i am very much suprised. pls. help me if you can.

my computer Config is. PIII 850 with 256 MB ram 20(10+10)Gb & 10 GB HDD onboard VGA Intel 815E Motherboard Mercury HP 8200 Internal writter. i reinstalled Quick time for Windows 2.1.57 afer which the problems are came

-- Bhavik (, February 21, 2002.

Maybe your version of pv 231 hasn't an audio input, maybe its only a pv 230... However, check the special feature of audio compensation on winmpeg, I think that's here for resolve that problem.

-- scscol (, July 28, 2002.


Can anybody tell, if other software like Ulead Video studio or power director can be used with PV-231 video capture card. I had just purchased this card and it seems to be working fine with the provided software but other software don't detect it.

-- Rajeev Rattra (, July 31, 2002.

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