Dark spots on prints caused by holes on emulsion

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I chiefly use FUJI NSP 160 and print on Ektacolor paper. As you all know, sometimes a processed negative will come back with the occasional very tiny flecks of the emulsion missing, causing black spots on the print...of course, it always happens on a cloud or other white area. I have never used opaque fluid, having been warned how much trouble it is to apply the correct amount. However, I will try it if I have to. I would prefer just correcting the print, rather than ruining an otherwise good negative. How is this problem fixed? Is there a manufacturer out there that puts out a series of whites/grays or something to use on Ektacolor prints?

-- Dennis L. Timmerman (timmerbon@dellnet.com), November 16, 2000


There is a bleaching kit from spottone that works well. Apply a drop onto the black spot, wait for the bleach to work, then apply the "B" fluid, which is, as far as I understand it, just a fixer, (atleast I've used regular fix in place of the "B" fluid), then spot the white in the usual manner.

-- William Levitt (light-zone@operamail.com), November 17, 2000.

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