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A friend of mine worked out in India and bought a Sony VCD player.

Is there any way that it can play DVDs, or will we have to just buy VCDs?

If so can you recommend any suppliers in England or on line with low shipping costs.

Andrew Dawson

-- Andrew Dawson (, November 16, 2000


VCDs use MPEG 1 encoding whereas DVD uses MPEG 2. This means your player will only be equipped with MPEG 1 decoder and will be compatible with VCD only, not DVD. In India VCDs are very popular and preferred to VHS although the quality is the same. Many Indian VCDs have been mastered from VHs anyway. You can get most films on VCD from India and Pakistan even before they show at the cinema in UK however, you can get some excellent ones but it's a gamble as some are of appalling quality (eg done with a camcorder taken into a cinema). At only a handfull of rupees each, though (about a pound per film in English money) it's worth trying them. Legal VCDs are very scarse in UK but if you like Hindi films, most Asian video shops stock as many VCDs as video cassettes.

-- Steven Longden (, November 29, 2000.

i dont know but yes

ch.tahir saeed

-- ch.tahir saeed (, April 01, 2001.

We are the leading suppliers of the VCD and DVd , we deal with factories and buy in bulk qty. you can get Hindi, Tamil English, DVD at most competetive price. We are looking for the agent in Europe, Australia, NZ. Regards Ranjit

-- Ranjit (, September 04, 2002.

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