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I have a short MPEG1 movie that I made. Using Nero Burining Rom, I made a VCD. However, when I put it in any CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, nothing happens.

I thought VCDs were self-contained, playable by themselves on any equipped PC/DVD without any player software required.

Was I mistaken? How do I play the VCD I made with Nero?

-- James Orlowski (, November 16, 2000


Yeah, you are mistaken. It won't autoplay unless you have made it so (which I don't know how). Use your media player, open file, at your CD drive, look for the MPEGAV folder, and you will find AVSEQxx.DAT files. Play them one by one. (note: if you are unfamiliar with PC, please note that when you browse to MPEAGAV, select file type to *.*)

-- Rusman E. Priyana (, November 16, 2000.

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