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Hey guys,

How are you both? I suppose you're right Martin , we should probably get going on something!!! I'm in the same boat in terms of work. I have exams in 4 weeks, presentations and at least 2 projects due in a week!!! Any way, enough moaning.

Rusty, I was thinking that maybe we should focus more on the European and Australian models seen as though there are a few portals operating in the US already, but there's no harm in getting some info together on how the health systems in each country/continent work.

I presume we're still going to go with the bus plan you gave us Rusty. It looks great and covers everything we need. I'm a little worried about the detail though. For example in the finance section the sections on pro forma statements and ratio analysis require a lot of work. Do we need this much detail???? As I said i don't mind taking this section but i was more thinking about concentrating on the initial funding aspects e.g venture capital etc....

Anyway, I'm gonna talk to some medical people about the structure of the health system and also someone who has a bit of experience in funding start ups.

Get back to you in a day or two.


PS Martin, are you going to take the management part? Does this suit you. I suppose we should all contribute to the intro and exec summary afterwards!!

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

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